Storify: reaction on social media to the liquidation of Hostess

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The news Friday that iconic brand Hostess is moving to liquidation, the product of a poor economy and labor unrest, reaction ran the gamut.

From fans lamenting the loss of Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread, to concern for the 18,000 workers losing jobs, to, well, political theories, the internet was abuzz with the news.

Here's a look at what people had to say on the Sun-Times Facebook and Twitter pages and elsewhere online. There's also a few bonus moments of great moments in Twinkie movies history. And the answer to just what Twinkies are made of, anyway.

Ho-Hos, oh no! Hostess files for liquidation

Hostess, the baker behind Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Snow Balls and other iconic snacks announced plans to go out of business, with more than 18,000 employees set to lose their job. Reactions on social media were bittersweet.

Storified by Craig Newman · Fri, Nov 16 2012 13:26:49

I mean really people. Chill. Were gonna be live #Twinkiesmelissajhopkins
Twinkie maker Hostess to close; 1,415 Illinois workers to lose jobs - Post-TribuneHostess Brands says it is going out of business, closing plants that make Twinkies and Wonder Bread and laying off all of its 18,500 work...

The reaction on social media

Hostess going out of business; Illinois workers to lose jobs.
Sad. RT @mattdpearce: Whoa. Did a labor dispute just kill Twinkies forever?
Twinkies have jumped off the Fiscal Cliff a few weeks early. Lee
Twinkies, Ho Hos, going fast as region reacts to Hostess' closing - Post-Tribune: Aden Hayes
Apparently the makers of Twinkies don't have nearly the shelf life of their product. Knight
RT @lauren_ashley: It's hard out here for a hoho. Hostess is simply not having a good year. #longlivethetwinkie Vaughan
"I think someone would purchase them in the near future; that's our goal."
Nooooooo! Twinkie maker Hostess to close Taylor
@Kelsey_Ginger Read it! Try not to cry like I did though. Statham
say it ain't so! #twinkiesDonald A. Hughes
Say it ain't so Twinkie! You can't leave us! #marketingnews #twinkie #sayitaintso Thompson
@mandyjoCHICAGO @Suntimes as long as I got you as my honey bun I won't need any frosting!! @hostessDiante Thomas
Hostess to close due to bakers' strike and not because their products are TOXIC GARBAGE. Mulkey
Worse news I've heard this year, #nomoretwinkies. Time to start stocking up. #nobueno #Twinkies Puebla Jr.
Not at all sweet. "@chicagonewsnow: Twinkie maker Hostess to close; 1,415 #Illinois workers to lose jobs #chicago"Amanda Vinicky
What r you going to do now!!!!! RT @BerniePiekarski: OH NO!! NO MORE Twinkies -->> MOMMA!
You're going to be missed, #DingDongs. @SunTimes_Biz Dervin
With Twinkies soon to be extinct, I now question my reason for existence. Jay Nixon
Don't bother me today I am in mourning. First the Fat Boys break up.... now this.......... DADA
This is the bigger problem... @Suntimes: Hostess going out of business; Illinois workers to lose jobs."Sean Jensen
Someday there will be a last twinkie RT"Hostess going out of business; Illinois workers to lose jobs #chicago"Steven Yost
I'm pro-union, but this was a bad decision RT @Suntimes: Hostess going out of business; Illinois workers to lose jobs. Gilbert
How will people ever again get their deep fried twinkies?
Is the Twinkie still alive today?? Save the TWINKIE for your kids! J Schumann
How we reacted to #Hostess bankruptcySocial media lit up Friday with mourning of childhood memories and grown-up indulgence, quips about signs of the apocalypse and post-apoc...

Just what's in a Twinkie, anyway?

Whats in a Twinkie?nilbogavenger
Gulp! Take a gander at a Twinkie's 37 or so ingredientsCould an argument be made that the Twinkie - the ubiquitous snack cake with decidedly mysterious origins - is in fact an "all natural" fo...

Of course, the news has Snow Balled into a political screed

BREAKING: NJ Governor Chris Christie has contacted Obama and demanded that the US government bails out Hostess immediately.Not Bill Walton
I bet barack and michelle obama are happy Hostess to close. No more unhealthy white bread and 18,500 fewer workers. Moran
Our Tax Dollars Bail out General Motors, even though most of us can't afford a Brand New Car, But we ALL have been able to afford a Twinkie, why Doesn't Obama Bail this Company out?Gary Brewer
Somehow I think Hostess going out of business is Obama's fault. But, he will just blame Bush.. Also, are they not too big to fail? I see a bailout coming soon.Stephen Wagner
Michelle Obama's evil scheme to rid the world of fatties is in place. Step one: Destroy HostessBetches Love This
Hostess was Michelle Obama's Osama bin Laden.Steven Amiri
I will forever remember President Obama as the President that let Hostess go out of business. #RIPTwinkiesMatthew Morley

And there's Twinkies in pop culture

The Twinkie was basically a supporting character in Zombieland. This NSFW mashup of scenes points to it's power over the undead:
Zombieland - Where┬┤s my twinkies!potterandmatrixfan
Sgt. Al Powell never did get to enjoy his Twinkies in Die Hard:
Die Hard Movie Clipbms2794519
More bad news about Twinkies - and ghosts:
Ghostbusters - Big Twinkieghostbustersdotnet

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