Caption this: Coyotes spotted in Wrigleyville


coyote.jpegPhoto by Will Byington

Although the recent rise of coyote sightings in increasingly urban areas is no laughing matter, we can't help but think that this photo of two wild coyotes spotted across from the Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville over the weekend seem like the set-up to a good joke.

So tell us, dear readers, how would you caption the photo?


I think they are saying Wheres the Goat?

Weird, heard there were lots of "Coyotes" around here, nothing but Women. OK, lets Go.

Looking for love, in all the wrong places...

Gee! The Cubs can't even get "a wolf at the gate" right!

Looking for dead meat, picking the carcass of the 2012 season.

Coyotes are scavengers ... and they know da Cubs have been dead since 1908 : )

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