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During my bartending days on the North Side, I was always amazed at how many smart, whiskey-drinking people didn't know which ward they live in, who their alderman is or the address of the local ward office.
After Tuesday's elections, we've got 8 new aldermen to get to know and some to say goodbye to others. What better way celebrate democracy than to watch the thrill of victory and agony defeat for yourself.

It's no secret that I am not a Cubs fan. .
But here's a view of yesterday's pre-game festivities at the Ol' Beer Garden anyway.
Take a look at ...

Alright, check out these 20 and 30-something neighborhood folks talking about dating in the city.

It's their take on all things dating and more — "Going up to a dude in a bar" or "the three day rule" guys with hair plugs and kissing people with bad breath, and "remembering all your lies."

As a former Roscoe Villager, I had a front row seat when modest homes started being replaced by McMansions and giant condos that block out the sun. Just check out my old block, 3300 North Hoyne (just down the street from Village Tap.) and you'll have a good idea of what I'm talking about.
I just never wrote a song or made a video about it.
That's why you've gotta see ....

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