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Maybe mail service in Chicago ain' t ready for reform.

It's been more than a year since mail delivery service here reached the seventh circle of hell — when our mail from across town would show up weeks late, bills and sale fliers arrived after after our payments were due and sales were over — and our overnight delivery remains the worst in the country.

Worse than New York City.

Overnight local mail delivery in Chicago has improved, but we're still the worst in the nation for getting our mail on time.

Has delivery in your neighborhood improved?

Let your voice be heard here.

Lake View resident Richard Eisenhardt sent me a letter to compliment his mail carrier and complain about the poor service at his neighborhood post office.
I had to laugh when the letter arrived crumpled, dirty and ripped inside a post office envelope that offered this apology, "Dear Valued Postal Customer ....

Post office sources told the Sun-Times that loads of mail postmarked in mid-February was delivered to local post offices on Monday to be sorted and delivered.

Did you get any old mail on Tuesday?

In-town, overnight mail delivery in Chicago is the worst in the nation. It's bad in almost every corner of the city. And a postal survey showed that only 77 percent of Chicago postal customers believe mail service is "excellent, very good or good." The national average for satisfied customers is 92 percent.

But which Chicago neighborhoods are suffering the most from the mail delivery?

Go ahead, post your mail "horror stories" here ...

Mark Konkol

Mark Konkol covers city neighborhoods for the Chicago Sun-Times. You can e-mail him or call (312) 321-2146.

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