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Chicago Mom blogger Karen Wehner recently posted a story about trying to get her kids to spend a good old-fashioned snow day outside building a snow man.

"By about 9:00, I was ready to go outside. "Let's build a snowman!" I shouted. "We've lived here 7 years and we've never built a snowman! I think today's the day. Who's with me?"

My 10-year-old: "Do I have to go outside?"
My 4-year-old: "I don't want to build a snowman."
My 2-year-old: "Dips." (This is what he calls his boots; I interpreted this as raging agreement with my snowman idea)."

What kid doesn't want to build a snow man, or at least peg his sister in the head with a snowball?

I used to live for that.

Mark Konkol

Mark Konkol covers city neighborhoods for the Chicago Sun-Times. You can e-mail him or call (312) 321-2146.

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