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Walter's beef

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Neighborhoods reader Walter Brzeski has a beef in the 36th Ward, where Ald. Bill Banks rules, over parking his pickup truck on the street — which is illegal in some wards.

Here's his take on getting "pounded with $25 tickets."

A summer night on the Calumet River is a special place, especially if you have a buddy with a boat. That's where I'm lucky, I guess.
Tell me your favorite stories of time spent on the Calumet boating, fishing or hanging at Skippers drinking Downscope.

In fact, if you're one of those people who claims to know the secret recipe — tell us your version.

Here's an internet exclusive for you ...

Spanky & Bella the suburban Amirican Straffodshire terriers seized from a van in Burbank, where there were bred to kill, will be up for adoption in a week from the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge, intrepid reporter Stefano Esposito reports.
I'm sure there's loads of dog lovers who want to adopt the cuddly puppies, who apparently have unique personalities despite their lineage. But what about the other dozen adult fighting dogs saved from their breeders, who's out there anyone interested in adopting dogs who might already know how to snap a 2X4 in half with their powerful jaws?

Mark Konkol

Mark Konkol covers city neighborhoods for the Chicago Sun-Times. You can e-mail him or call (312) 321-2146.

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