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The Tribune's Tempo section today teases to a map of "Obama's Chicago" they'll publish tomorrow that includes "where Barack first kissed his wife to-be."

Not a bad idea.

After all, I told you where the Obama kiss happened May 25, 2007. (It was outside the now-closed Baskin Robbins on 53rd St. in Hyde Park.)

And we had a map, too.

So, if you don't want to wait until Wednesday for last years news, click here.


Co-op Markets members are set to vote on whether to file bankruptcy and keep the grocery store open, or close for good and let a chain grocery store take its place.

If you had a say, how would you vote? And why?

Business reporter Sandra Guy broke the news a week ago that Co-op Markets executives are considering closing the independent, customer-owned grocery store at 54th and Lake Park Drive. after 75 years. (Coming Friday in Neighborhoods -- a profile of the Co-op's most loyal employee.)

On Sunday, about 400 people reportedly turned out for the membership meeting to hear the choices the financially struggling Co-op will face.
The membership will to pick it's poison: filing bankruptcy and undergoing a financial restructuring. Or cutting a deal to close the place so a new grocer takes over.

Ballots will be sent out soon. If you had a say, how would you vote?

We could take a stroll around Hyde Park, and I could point out landmarks like Rockefeller Chapel or Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap.

We might even stop by my favorite spot for fajitas, Mellow Yellow, just off Harper Square.

I'd also probably take you The Cove on 55th, the closest dive bar to the lake.

But if you want a better Hyde Park tour guide than I'd be -- maybe someone who lives in one of those stately Hyde Park mansions and happens to be running for president -- then I'm here to help.

Who is Cornell Drive in Hyde Park named after?

The first person to post the correct answer here wins a Sun-Times T-shirt.

Last week's winner was Elaine Soloway. She knew improv comedy was created by the Compass Players at a bar in Hyde Park.

Mark Konkol

Mark Konkol covers city neighborhoods for the Chicago Sun-Times. You can e-mail him or call (312) 321-2146.

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