Check out Cook County Board President Todd Stroger's new Anti-violence Public Service Announcement

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I know his father's name is on the hospital and it a major part of why we have a large debt as well his favorite patronage place but how do health care works work to prevent violence that occur on our streets. They unfortunately deal with the aftermath. Law enforcement, courts and social services statiscally are in the best position to deal with violence before it ends up in the morgue. Since this is a terrible ad and I'm sure a waste of money as it proposes no solution and basically says not our health care employees handle the violence in the streets, my only question is which idiot cousin, relative or family friend got paid for this.

again he was voted in because of..... it couldn't exactly be because his father did great things for the county

Todd is an idiot- the only job he is qualified for is the drive up window at Macdonalds

Hey People, stop blaming Blago. Are you happy with all these new Laws being made to get more money? Madigan has been beating our Governor up since Blago has been in Office. All he has to do is make a new law and make ten of his People pass it. Why is Blago having to fight and deal with the Law to get his job done.? Madigan is all about Power. And if he moves Blago out of the way making him look like the "bad guy" in the People's eyes, Blago has not been able to do his job because Madigan has been in Control of the House. Madigan blocks anything Blago tries to do as we are witnessing now. Don't you think the people should have anything to say about these new laws?

And if Lisa Madigan gets in the Governor's Office, that just gives her father more power.

And there will be more laws to come. Michael Madigan is not well. I mean he is sick in the head. And he has a need to be more powerful. why don't you step down Mr. Madigan? You don't care about the people. It will take the people of Illinois to take a stand. We are tired of all these new laws. How can we stop you Mr. Madigan if our own government can't. If you think it's bad now, People. Just wait and see!

Yes, how does the system work? No JOB. No HEALTHCARE. No MONEY! Somebody has to feed these people who come out of the Criminal Justice System. Why not the Taxpayers? That is how the system works. We don't do anything to fix the vicious cycle of human behavior. We are becoming an unforgiving society. Folks that have committed misdemeanors and felonies have it hard nowadays. The "downtrodden" cannot be hired due to post 9/11 background checks in place as a norm in just about all the "Human Resources" departments of all Companies. There seems to be no repair plan in place. And it looks like sure DEATH to me. Add in a portion of the population who have and will declare bankruptcy, now it is starting to look real ugly. Others are trapped in financial squalor and have no choice but to get on welfare, get their properties forclosed, and lose it all. What's wrong with this picture?

to many felons making laws and then breaking them.from the prez,to the guv,to the speakers to the mayor to the aldermen.more jails for politicians only.they will overflow like beer poured in a themble.

So how well is the County Board president doing on the "get Todd Stroger out of office" campaign?

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