Hoods Quiz — June 6

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What year was St. Sabina's cathedral built?

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St Sabina was built in 1916.

St. Sabina cathedral was dedicated on June 18th, 1933.


There is no "St. Sabina's Cathedral in Chicago - the seat of the Archbishop of Chicago is Holy Name. St. Sabina's is a parish church and not the seat of a diocese or archdiocese. Those are the only churches designated as "Cathedral" ie from the root cathedra meaning seat.


It hasn't been built yet. There is no St. Sabina "Cathedral" in Chicago. A "Cathedral" is not just any large or ornate church building. A "Cathedral" is the seat of a bishop or archbishop of a diocese or archdiocese, from the Greek "cathedra" meaning "seat".
The seat of the Archbishop of Chicago is Holy Name. There is no other cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago. St. Sabina's is a parish church.

Toward the close of 1931, in the midst of the Great Depression, the St. Sabina parish took on the formidable task of constructing a cathedral-like Upper Church. The perseverance and pioneering spirit of the parishioners paid off. On Sunday, June 18,1933, St Sabina's beautiful new church was dedicated by George Cardinal Mundelein.

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