My favorite "Keep it Wrigley" limerick

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I think Cubs fans could use some reminding,
That this cloud has a silvery lining,
You might lose the name,
And most of your games,
But you'll have an excuse to keep whining!
-- Sara Gadola

(Konkol note: Sara Gadola is a former Daily Southtown reporter who smartly sold out to become a lawyer years before journalists started getting axed like firewood.)

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Here's a haiku for Cubs fans:

Been one hundred years

Changing name won't matter much

Cubs are still losers

Will the creepy obsession that Sox "fans" have with all things Cubs ever come to an end?

Sure the Cubs haven't won in 100 years and Sox "fans" are experts at it because their team has won once in 90 years, but Cubs fans don't have to go to the southside to see their team play. You win some, you lose some.

This is an alert from the CSI group of Sharon Hedrick class Coll148, A recent check of the cities website for crime, an alarming pattern is now taking shape. Women are losing their purses on the average of 2.4 a day in around 178 since the beginning of the year.
coupled with loosing purses is Identity theft, burglary to ones house, and the family car.
older senior women are singled out, because of age, eyesight, and memory. And the thugs can run like dears fleeing from gunshots, after knocking down and wounding
Senior women, those women could be your mom or grandmother, a simple fall, or push
might cause a lengthy stay to the hospital. We recommend that senior women carry
everything in there pocket, and avoid carrying purses. This also goes out to our young moms who have to carry everything, when they go out. That's why a simple trip to the grocer and placing your purse in the top seat next to junior, one slip of the eye and the purse is gone. Carry a debit card and your license! Period .One more point to ponder
Women are working out in Gyms and when they park, they open the trunk and put their
purse in the trunk, usually a normal workout lasts 45 minutes to an hour. The criminal knows this and can pull the trunk lock in a second and max out your cards in an hour.
What a workout. Women, lets watch our purses!
CSI Group consists of DeVry students, Yolanda, Tim, Mike, Leroy, and Charlie

April 30th I will present a bill to the senate to rename wrigley field to HAROLD WASHINGTON STADIUM. SO far We have generated 75,000 signatures to present.

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