Hoods quiz April 25

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Who is Lawrence Avenue named after?

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Lawrence Ave. is named for Bradford A. Lawrence. It probably had a lot to do with him being a friend of Lazarus Silverman who was a subdivider.

lawrence dunbar

He was a Roman deacon under Pope St. Sixtus II

Is this the famous "Leisure Suit Lawrence (Larry)"?

Lawerence of Arabia........lol

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Joey Lawrence? Wo'oh!

It was the first name of the surveyor's assistant. The last name is lost to history and inadequate record keeping.

his name is jabob lawrence who was a tanner and farmer in the area of yonge street and lawrence


he was named after a street

he was named after a street

Lawrence Avenue is named for the St. Lawrence Seaway connecting Chicago to the seafaring world of the late 19th/early 20th century.

The Street was named after Bradford Lawrence, a friend of Mr. Silverman, landowner and subdivider.

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