After more than a year Uptown sinkhole fixed.

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Konkol at your service.

The same day I wrote about a local blogger — — his contribution to the neighborhood and a pesky sink hole near the tennis courts at Clarendon Park ... crews finally filled in the hole.

The anonymous Uptown Updater sent me this note:

"I'm sure you will be happy to know that the sinkhole was fixed the very EVENING this story came out. Funny how that works, huh? You have to embarrass these clowns into fixing anything."

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That was most definitely NOT a "sinkhole." Just a cave-in. Go to the Illinois State Geological Survey website and study Geobit 7.

Uptown solved one problem, but what about the irresponsible dog owners who don't pick up after thier dogs? A lot of business owners are complaining about it. I saw a child pick up dog poop by mistake. If your dog is your baby,wouldn't you pick up after your baby? Too many rats in Uptown , because of the dog poop. Bis rats at that, Uptown is a buffet for the rats.

One other thing about Uptown Mark, you asked when did The Riviera open? not what year, but when. The person who came within a week is correct. Not the general year! Your question not mine!

Konkol note: Last week's winner had the exact date in his posting.

In response to Multiple Killings article. The reason shootings and homicides are up is partly because the police are under such scruitiny, that they no longer want to do police work. No police officer is going to go out of their way or go the extra mile like they did in the past because they know that superintendent and the supervisors are not going to have their back. If you're a police officer you're presumed guilty and you must prove your inocence.
Another reason shootings and homocides are up is because the Special Operations Section was disbanded. They were reaponsible for recovering over 1,000 guns and mainly worked on the south side. Because of the alleged actions of a few bad apples, they disbanded the unit and treated the remaining officers like they are criminals. The bottom line is no police officer in their right mind is going to patrol as aggressively as they did in the past. Gang and Tactical arrests for example, are down by at least 40 percent from last year. Supervisors are now asking the gang and tactical officers to bring the arrest numbers up, but with morale at an all time low, no one is going to be proactive. They know the supervisors are spineless and are afraid of the superintendent and no one has their back. There are specific reasons I could state, but there isn't enough space on this blog!

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