What's your favorite East Village spot?

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If you want to get a real feel for East Village here’s a few places you have to visit:


Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott
The perfect tavern. Friendly bartenders. Cheap beer. Ping Pong. How could you not be happy here?

Hacienda Tecalitlan, 820 N. Ashland
The Mexican grub is pricey, but the giant indoor courtyard and 10-man roving mariachi band make this place a must see.

Sushi X, 1136 W. Chicago
Want to know how chi-chi the EV really is? This hip sushi spot gives you a pretty good idea.

Tell me about your favorite spots in the East Village and why they're special.

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Are you talking about Ukrainian Village? Since when is it East Village. Is Chicago NY now?

It USED to be called East Village - like most areas in Chicago, as the neighbohood gets "better" the names changes.

Ummm, sorry Anonymouss I agree with Bridgette, I also was born and raised in Chicago, growing up in Humboldt Park and that area was always called Ukrainian Village.

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