Hoods Quiz -- March 7

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What was the original South Side Irish Parade route?

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The original parade was around the block between 109th and Washtenaw and Talman

10900 blocks of Washtenaw and Talman

The original Southtown Parade went down 79th Street, through the Auburn neighborhood.

The original parade went down 79th Street.

More specifically, the parade passed along 79th Street, from Ashland Avenue on the west to Halsted on the east.

the st patricks parade was from 79th Ashland and proceeded East.

Neighborhood folklore has it that Regina B. led the kids around the block at 109th and Washtenaw.

Yes, from Ashland to Halsted. Hmm.... I wonder why they don't go that route any more.....

The Original parade route for the South Side Irish Parade was the 109th block of Washtenaw and Talman.

The original South Side parade was on 79th street from Ashland to Halsted. One of the fixtures of the parade was Capt. Bill Hennessey and the release of the Killaloo birds which I believe were actually Chicago pigeons whose feathers had been died green. Due to the increasing popularity of the South Side parade it began to overshadow the Downtown parade and the city in effect stopped the 79th St. parade. Years later the Coakleys and Hendrys and a few other families in St. Cajetan's parish thought it would be a great idea to have a parade for their children and marched the children in decorated wagons and stollers around the 109th street block on Washtenaw and Talman. That has grown into the hugely popular and nationally known South Side parade. One year when Jane Byrne was mayor and she was unhappy with a lack of support from the South Side, she refused to close down Western Avenue completely and had her minions issue a permit for the parade to be held only in the southbound lane while traffic continued in the northbound lanes. She also refused to provide city police protection for the event even though or perhaps because the neighborhood is home to many police and fire fighters. The Illinois State Police came to the rescue and provided police coverage. If Mayor Byrne had ever had any supporters in that neighborhood she lost them for good with her shameful ham handed attempt to sabotage the parade.

the parade went done 79th st.

the original st patrick's route went west on 78th street, turned around at st sabina's on racine, and then travelled east on 79th to haLsted

Well according to my teammates of the 1983 cal bowl, the original parade started at hillcrest and greenbrier and ended at the jungle where parade goers could get a drink afterwords... Then i would tell attendees i was on the 1983 niu calbowl team.

The Parade went north on Ashland from 83rd st. It started where the parishes of Little Flower, St Kilian's & St Ethelrida's met It turnd East on 79th St through St Sabina's and ended it St Leo's parish

the ORIGINAL real St. Patrick's Day Parade was in a real Irish neighborhood...The West Side! Madison Street was home to the real St. Patricks Day celebration...MANY, MANY, moons ago

The "Wee People of Washtenaw and Talman" marched the 10900 blocks of Washtenaw and Talman for the first time on Saturday, March 17, 1979.

I'm not sure of the starting point, but I know it ended at a PUB.

The parade went down Loomis Boulevard and crossed 79th Street.

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It was always on Western.

76 th street in St. Sabina's

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