Druggie bites cop (From Uptownupdate.com)

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A reputed member of the Insane Mafia Vice Lord street gang, 25, was arrested for biting a police officer on the 900 block of W. Montrose Avenue March 3.

The offender, of the 1400 block of N. Larrabee Street, was observed leaving “a known drug house” after walking in and out for only one minute. He was approached by two officers for an interview and they saw his right hand clenched tightly and then placed into his pocket. The officers asked him to remove his hand from his pocket and he refused. The officers then grabbed his hand, pulled it out of his pocket, a small bag of marijuana was observed and he was placed into custody. As one of the officers unzipped the man’s coat, he bit him on the hand and the officer elbowed him in the face. He was charged with aggravated battery and possession of cannabis.

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Isn't there a murder or a rape going on that the Authorities could do something about? Marijuana arrests are lazy police work and truly not appreciated or respected by the citizenry. Waste of time.

Good! May they be needlessly harassed every time they walk out of their stupid cop bar, moreover. When did the 4th amendment go extinct?

Leave BiteBoy alone...get the guys in the house sellin' the stuff.

...or maybe, I'm high or something.

You know, I think that it is pure bull that they arrested him after he was seen exiting a "KNOWN DRUG HOUSE" HELLO!!!! Does anyone besides We four here find anything wrong with that? If it's a flippin known drug house why don't they do the work to shut it down?

HELLO!!!! Does anyone besides We four here find anything wrong with that?

Yes, the four of you are missing a bigger picture. Unfortunately, the police are seeking a person or crew higher up the drug ladder. If the police bust the KNOWN Drug House it will open up again around the corner on the next block or possibly down the street. Though I agree with the four previous assessments that the police could be doing more, this is how it goes.

Until the residents of these communities simply get the same protection given in communities where those residents leave and visit the "Well Known Drug House", this is what the police do. Do any of the four of you want to rush the WELL KNOWN DRUG HOUSE and stop the illegal activities or even stop buying there? Thought not!

(ps) Gang members shouldn't be any where close to pharmaceuticals unless it can be bought in Walgreens or CVS.

Enjoy your smoke and leave the police alone.

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