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A reputed member of the Insane Mafia Vice Lord street gang, 25, was arrested for biting a police officer on the 900 block of W. Montrose Avenue March 3.

This just in from the Red Cross:

Since March is Red Cross Month we are having our annual CPR Training Days. The event has been hugely successful in the past years and we would like to extend that even more this year! I would love to have you include it in your neighborhoods section and have it reach the lovely people who read your blog everyday. It’s an extremely useful training session that benefits people every day and reduces the risk of dying of cardiac arrest by half. We all know life doesn’t have a price on it and the training only costs $5. Also, it’s a pretty neat way to meet people that early on a Saturday! Here’s a little more info for you which you can switch up any way you’d like! I also included two little graphics for you that were from last year’s event.
The American Red Cross of Greater Chicago invites you to get certified in Adult CPR for only $5! Learn how to save a life at the region's largest CPR training event. Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to better protect yourself, your family and your community and be prepared for a medical emergency.

Space is limited. Register today!
English and Spanish sessions available.

To register or find out more information, visit or call 312.729.6132.

UIC, Physical Education Building
901 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL

Red Cross 073

Who is Augusta Boulevard named after?

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If you want to get a real feel for East Village here’s a few places you have to visit:


What was the original South Side Irish Parade route?

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Anne Coakley, now 32, was a founding parade marcher of the South Side Irish Parade when she was 2 years old. How cute.


Some of you can thank this guy for the day off.

Who is Casimir Pulaski?

Enjoy the unofficial Pulaski song — "Casimir Pulaski Day" by Sufjan Stevens.

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