Watch Mayor Daley blow his top ...

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What was this about? Why is he so upset?

This guy is really good.

This guy is really good.

We can only hope that he has a massive heart attck and leaves this city. He has definitely left this city in worse shape that his great father did. His father was a great man who worked WITH everyone. He is a napoleon type dictator that wnats things his way or else you are wrong.

We are all stupid. Completley, absolutely, and undeniably stupid beyond all belief, for continually voting this crook in. If you like him, your likely getting crumbs from his table. If you hate him, too bad because you dont have the stones to do anything about it! Now back to work so I can afford the coming tax increases!

This was about the freaking stupid 40% tax increase on sales of homes so that the CTA CAN OFFER FREE RIDES FOR SENIORS and military personnel. It's a deal that Blagojovich forced the city to provide. A terrible deal all around.

Regardless of how you feel about this video, please vote Blagojovich out of office next time around for this crappy plan.

You just don't get it. Here you have a justifiably furious Mayor Daley calling out hypocrite alderman like Fioretti for coasting into office on the support of the unions whose inflated salaries, bogus work rules and lazy employees are the reasons why our government and the CTA are in such dire fiscal straights. Then they have the nerve to vote against a tax increase that is necessitated by these very same unions. Next time, just do a little bit of research before spouting off your criticisms of the Mayor based only on the bogus and biased reporting of the newspapers.

If anyone truly believes that Hizzoner has done a terrible job for this City, move out of the City! Go live in Schaumburg or Lombard and stop complaining. Or run for Mayor yourself and see how that goes. Although Daley has his occasional problems, the guy has resurrected Chicago and put it squarely on the international map. Yes, some of the things his Administration does may seem crooked, but eveyr big city has that element. It's one of those unspoken rules in big cities to get the City to operate.

Allowing the city's public transportation to limp along the tracks with noting more than a cheap tax hike to fund it: now that's a crappy plan. Free rides for seniors isn't all that bad.

Organized crime runs this city... people wake up, open your eyes. Daley is a gangster, with mobster friends and family. So was his dad.
Chicago is one of the largest hubs for organized crime in the states, of all races. I don't think people can even begin to understand just how corrupt this city really is. That is why people are afraid of him, it isn't his menacing size.

this crook belongs in jail, he only has power because he artificially, criminaly, uses our tax dollars, property and daily tax monies to get his way. he has no power without our money! this monarchy that we have in the city can be alleviated by the people's resisitance. people need to organize in numbers and get him out of office! he should have lost his job when he closed his eyes to the burge incident. that was cause for firing. people can be stronger than money when they want change. the city got beautified, but if the money was spread out fairly and justly, without clout-infested development, every income level of citizen would benefit. it is not as hard to get him out as some people think!

Daley is tough enough to get things done in a city like Chicago. People complain, but it's great to look at, things generally work, it's relatively clean, and relatively cheap to get around, for a big city.

I can't believe some of the things people are saying about this. Gangster? Seriously? Definitely not. Hizzoner is out for the people of his City. The city to him is just as precious as his family. That includes us, his residents. I say thank you Mayor Daley for making this the cleanest, most beautiful, and most reliable city in the world!

So Anonymous you say "He has definitely left this city in worse shape than his great father did." Have you looked around you lately? Notice all the great clean neighborhoods there are in the city, less crime, and booming real estate. Please the next time you think this city is not in good shape, have a chat with the people who grew up in the 80's.

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