Konkol returns to the hoods

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Good news. My neighborhoods column returns top the paper on Friday. It's slimmer — only one page — but it's back.

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I am so glad that the Sun Times stayed true to what they said in their expensive ad campaign most recently and kept what the people said they want in THEIR paper.
"The Chicago Sun-Times is truly Chicago's hometown news source. The enhanced new features and design will ensure that Chicagoans get the very best news about their city in a way that is graphically very readable.The "Let's Get Into It" theme expertly describes how this paper isn't afraid to tackle the
tough issues -- and also how much it is all about real Chicago and its people. "This ad campaign will remind our readers that only the Chicago Sun-Times delivers the real Chicago stories," said Art Redmond, ChiefMarketing Officer, Sun-Times News Group, adding, "Like our paper, the ad campaign is warm, truthful, bold and informative." "The enhanced Chicago Sun-Times reflects what our readers say they really like about reading the paper -- the best reporting and writing of local news and sports that's authentic Chicago and doesn't pull any punches, all in an easy-to-read format," said John Cruickshank, Sun-Times News Group Chief Operating Officer and Publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times.
"We are a big city newspaper with a neighborhood feel."
Don't think we forgot what we want, it's people like Konkol reporting on the real Chicago in his Royko like style.

This is great news.

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