Don't try this with your home ... in Chicago

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Turns out, Darvia Munoz can't raffle her Chicago home.
The West Beverly woman was informed by the city and Illinois Attorney General that it's illegal, even for a charity, to raffle off a prize in Chicago that's worth more than $200,000.

So her house raffle was cancelled and everyone who bought a ticket was refunded their money, Darvia says.

Darvia, who's house was facing foreclosure, says she has found a possible buyer for her home. to save her from loosing it to the bank. But she hasn't given up on raising cash for women in need. She's running a new charity raffle — with prizes outside the city limits.

"I'm now raising money for non-profit organizations. I want to reach out and help other people who are going through trying times as well," Darvia says.

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Way to go Darvia! I hope you are able to sell your house. It is very pretty. If you had raffled it and I had won it ,I was going to give it back to you. But I read you can't do that so good luck to you.

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