Cubs fans: Wrigley name change is inevitable — Get over it.

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Make no mistake, Sox fans like me couldn't care less if Wrigley Field gets renamed Starbucks Stadium or Old Style Park. The Friggin' Confines at Clark and Addison by any other name would smell just as rank to us.

Still, we can empathize with fans cursing a Cubbie blue streak -- like Tribune boss Sam Zell at a newsroom meeting -- over the billionaire's plan to hawk Wrigley Field naming rights.

Cubs fans are a sensitive bunch. They don't handle talk of messing with their baseball shrine very well, even though the place is clearly a dump.

So, take this advice from a Sox fan who has weathered this name-change business: Get over it.

When the White Sox sold out the Comiskey Park name to U.S. Cellular for 68 million bucks in 2003, guys like me didn't buy into it.

Heck, most Sox fans still call the place Comiskey or by its proper name, Sox Park, anyway. And since our boys won the World Series in 2005, we don't even think about our stadium's stupid name anymore.

Yeah, a World Series ring is the best medicine.

Trust us on that one.

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Cubbie fans, why not try something new? Your team is mediocre, you celebrated the sweep of the World Series Champs in '06. it only cost 300mil. and to that you have nothing. Deal with the fact that your park smells of urine, you disgrace our park on that you don't want to get shot. Didn't the guy die on SHEFFIELD? You are arrogant, spoiled, and nothing but a frat bar. Comisky/Sox Park, will always be that. Not the hundred year mediocraty that you guys cherish. No wonder the country is going to crap.

One way to stop Mr Zell from succeeding would be to start a movement to boycott all Cub sponsors. This will have a direct impact on the value of the team. If fans boycotted anyone associated with the new name, he might back off.

Ahhh...good ol' Scrubbie fans. Every offseason they find something idiotic to get all excited about. A couple years back, it was making soup out of the infamous "Bartman" ball, which probably was just a stupid ball bought at the nearest sports store. Last year, it was Lou and Soriano, which made them a better mediocre team. And this year it's the Year of the Zell. Bottom line is, those who are screaming about the name change will still be going to Cubs games after the name change. Everyone will have forgotten about it. You know why? Because a large majority of Cubs fans don't care what the name of the park is because many only go to the games to get drunk and pick up dizzy co-eds (God bless 'em!).

If the name matters so much to the pathetic fans that are whining about it, why don't those fans pool together some money to buy the naming rights? If you can't raise enough, then shut the hell up! Money talks, and Zell knows that better than any of you.

The girls are better on the Northside than the Southside. That's why the place is packed.

Couldn't say it any better than Konkol

What's in a name? Well if you play in Wrigley Field you are - at least the fans anyway - known as Lovable Losers? So realistically there should be TWO(2) name changes.

Mark, I guess some fans just like misery. As you stated, I bet majority of True White Sox Fans call Cellular - White Sox Park or Comiskey Park. Matter of fact it takes a lousy Cub's fan to remind us the place has a new name. You know what I mean?

Two baseball fans, one is a White Sox Fan, the other a Cubs Fan.

Verbal interchange:

White Sox fan: Yea, I'm going to the game tonight.

Cubs Fan: Oh, you going to Wrigley, I got tickets for tomorrow's game.

White Sox fan: No knucklehead, I am going to White Sox Park!

Cubs Fan: Hey, isn't that place called Cellular One Park?

White Sox fan: Breathing heavily, "No idiot!" it is now renamed U.S. Cellular one dipstick, but true Southsiders still call it White Sox Park or Comiskey at least.

Cubs fan: Geez, why you so testy, you ought to try coming to Wrigley where the atomsphere is wonderful.

White Sox fan: I prefer the comfort of winners, not losers thank you very much. And by the way didn't Sam Zell buy the team and change the name of Wrigley?

Cub fan: Screams, "You Bloody murdering piece of !@#$@!#$$#%, before you change the name of my beloved park, you will have to do it over my century old great-grandfaterh clenching last championship winning freaking tickets from out of his hands!!

White Sox fan: Hey dude, chill out! It's only a name change not a life altering moment like your team won a World Championship.

Security! Security!


Last time I checked Wrigley Field has landmark status, and cannot be changed. So how is Sam going to sell the name?

We here in White Sox Country think that Wrigley Field should be re-named Massengill Field. It's only fitting.

P.S. Hey "White Sox Fan For Life" are a very naive person and need to do your homework about just what it means to have landmark status and furthermore what it means to be a Sox fan. Cosmiskey Pk was a landmark when they tore it down my friend. Soldier field was a landmark..yes WAS a landmark. SF lost it's status after is was destroyed when the spaceship landed in it. Bah!

After 30 plus years of my life witnessing the world of Cubdom and all its madness, everyone here (myself included) has gotten so used to saying the team ballpark's name Wrigley Field. In our hearts the Cubs and Wrigley Field (Perhaps just the name Wrigley) sound right together and we'd assumed that it will remain that way. Now, there might be a name change for it in the near future and, already, some of us don't like it. No one has come up with any choices yet and we don't know if or when it will happen. But if and when the name change does happen, how about possibly changing the ballpark's name to "Wrigley STADIUM", thanks to a certain guest conductor who at that time had accidentally misspoke and thought that that was the park's name. It has been awhile since that time. After thinking about it, it's not so bad now. We'd keep the name "Wrigley", the Cubs, the location, and more importantly, the ballpark itself but with some new extras so more fans can attend games. And maybe--just MAYBE--we will all finally be rid of this sickening and tired old annoying 'curse' thing and hopefully end this 100-year drought. All of this can start with changing our collective attitude. During all these last 100 years there already had been changes with bringing in different GMs, managers, coaches, players and other different people in the Cub organization. So I don't think that this slightly different name change for the park would hurt too much. After all, it's just an opinion of mine with a thought.

I like Kaopectate Park, it shows that the runs have already stopped.

Does any of this really matter it's just a running around bases....gezzzz that's as bad as running a ball up and down a basketball court...or hitting a lil white ball hundreds of yards and then chasing it down to put into a lil hole in the ground.....grow-up....

You Sox fans are so ignorant thats why U deserve to live on the southside please enjoy the dirt and crime losers

A riddle for you:

What's another word for "cat" and something Harold the Scrubs fan never gets?

HA! HA! Blow it outch'yer cakehole, Harold!

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