Not a smirter? Are you one of these?

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Stolen from the internet,\ here's: Ten Things You Can Do While Smoking Outside Besides 'Smirting'

1. Smoring - Boring people while smoking
2. Smining - Whining about having to go outside to smoke
3. Smorking - Catching up on work while smoking
4. Smexting - Texting while smoking
5. Smopping - Window shopping while smoking
6. Smarrassing - Harrassing passers-by while smoking
7. Smurfing - Surfing the internet on your phone while smoking
8. Smiding - Hiding from your ex while smoking
9. Sminking - Having a swifty while smoking
10. Smullshitting - Carrying on your pub conversation while smoking

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That's smunny. hehe

You can't windowshop when you have to be 15 feet away from one.

Unfortunately respecting the wishes of people who don't want to breathe in tobacco smoke is not on there.

Smarting. Smoking while passing gas.


people who constantly complain about smokers

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