Konkol outta the hood?

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It appears the days of my trolling the neighborhoods for weekly dispatches are about over.

Will you miss me like I'll miss you?

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Great idea for a column, too bad the city of neighborhoods has become the city of areas for profit.

Unfortunately, transplants, immigrants, and suburbanites move to Chicago and blow up neighborhoods and don't care much about how the neighborhood evolved and the history. And, the the alderman sure don't help.

I would like to buy you an adult beverage or two ot three as thanks for my winning (3) of your neighborhood quizzes and giving me more workout wear.


Walter 'Butch' Brzeski

If the Sun Times is not going to write about where I live, then I am going to cancel my subscription. I look forward to neighborhood stories every week. Thanks for that Konkol!!!!!

The Neighborhoods feature produced some of the most interesting stories of the year. The story profiling a few of the residents of Chicago's Pullman neighborhood, the report on Chicago's only trailer park in Hegewisch and the plans for the former South Side steel mill are just a few examples of gritty journalism that gave readers a glimpse into the REAL Chicago.

I could think of a dozen other features that could have been removed from the paper before this one. If Chicago ends up with only one newspaper over the next decade, the editors and business managers of the Sun-Times will undoubtedly look back at decisions like removing this popular feature from the paper and realize that is where they failed readers. If newspapers are doomed, it seems to be an inside job.

Thanks for the stories Mark. The Neighborhoods feature was good while it lasted.

I can't believe that the paper would cut such a great column. Lots of us appreciate what you have brought to us each Friday. All of your neighborhood stories are what Chicago is really about. I love your style of writing and will miss it each Friday. It was a great ride! Thanks

Friday is my favorite day to read the Sun-Times. I would always look forward to reading your stories and trying to guess the answers to the quiz!(unfortunately I never won!) I love your style of writing and your creative style of highlighting the Chicago Neighborhoods was interesting and informative. Taking this feature out of the paper is kind of like the time the Sun-Times stopped printing the TV Guide. That didn't last long before they realized they made a mistake. The TV guide is back. Hope it won't be long before Konkol is back!!!

A loss is so sad but the loss of the love and inspiration for more knowledge just puts pins in my heart. I read so many wonderful things and I met so many people who have reflected on past articles- the timely trip- (most said it looked like a man I once knew- the smile he had it was familiar. I am over joyed to know that you are going to be OK- but I will always wonder why I never was a Hegewisian focal point.....well I guess I need to run for alderman. At any point in the day you feel the need to press on and spread the information and chance at a free tshirt... I am here for you and I did change sizes... I do read the times daily but ya know the Friday paper will not be the same. All my best as you move out of the hood and into a hoodie.

Mark you are my favorite writer...and I love your pictures. You will be missed. I liked to find you in the paper. One time my Dad was there too. You made him into a rockin guy, He was famous for five minutes and two trips. Thanks for the memories.

WTF?!?! Cutting the "Neighborhoods" column? That was the best thing about the Sun-Times on Fridays. Heck, it was the best piece through the entire week. All of the other ST columnists usually bring themselves into the story somehow, you know, to pat themselves on the back or to try to explain to readers how what THEY (the columnist) felt was the correct way to feel about the topic. Konkol only injected himself in to his columns to make it humorous, not to act as a blowhard or to try to score political points with readers or Chicago politicians. "Hoods" was well written and gave excellent portrayals of some neighborhoods that often get overlooked, and it will be missed. 'HOODS column RIP!

Mark, just what are they thinking? I can go to many newspapers and on-line sites to read the news. It's columns like yours that keep me reading the ST (at least till they gave the column the ax). Won't know where to go what to do once the weather warms up -you gave me reason to leave the north side.
Thanks for the time we had!!!

Mark, your column will be much missed. I looked forward to it every Friday. I really liked how you took real "Neighborhood" topics and made them interesting and funny with your personal spin. Your articles were what Chicagoans were all about. In the fast past life of Chicago you brought us back to the reality of the "Neighborhood". We often times forget about the people that make Chicago what it is, but every Friday you helped to remind us. It was a blast while it lasted. I hope the Sun-Times realizes what a great column they will be missing.

I heard the ST is getting rid of your friday article. Well then why the heck should I keep my subscription?? I have the Suntimes calling me weekly bugging me about getting a weekly paper. Why should I? It's not any good, except on Fridays. When I do cancel today I am going to tell them why. I'm not too much into the politics that allot of the reporters write about, in fact I can't stand politics, being politically correct and all that garbage. Give me something good to read about, like the people and neighborhoods of Chicago. Your style of writing is unique and personal, not like the rest of the jokers who attempt to write a story and then try to pat themselves on the back for what they think is a good story.
Thank You

On a side note, the other day I got 10, count them 10 TV guides in my Sunday paper. Maybe they should get rid of the person who can't count instead of your article.

Great. Another reason not to get the newspaper. Or visit online.

I loved taking the hood quiz as did everyone in my office. We made it a trivia challenge. I hope the Sun-Times will rethink their decision. My co-workers and I DEVASTED!!

Hey, don't forget, the reason why traditional media aggregators such as newspapers and record companies are having financial problems is that the creative people who actually make something people want are increasingly able to sell it directly to the people who want it.

Go forth to the internet, and prosper! It's not your fault corporate raiders crippled your newspaper, and you and the city now both know how well you can do this job.

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