Hoods Quiz Jan 11

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Be first to post the correct answer to today's hoods quiz to win a Sun-Times T-Shirt.

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Not sure if this is how you post an answer but I believe the correct answere is Dr. Wallace Calvin Abbott.

Grace Abbott-social reformer and activist

Why is it that when media in Chicago identify the location of a story the location is described as "South Side" or "West Side" if its in a Black neighborhood but the name of the neighborhood is specified, like Wicker Park, Pilsen, Mt. Greenwood, Chinatown, Edgewater, etc... if it takes place in a non-Black area. One would think Hyde Park and Englewood are the only neighborhoods on the entire South Side because they're the only ones that always get mentioned by name. Roseland, South Shore, Beverly, Austin and Chatham are sometimes named, but usually they're just lumped with the rest of "South Side" or "West Side" with "far" sometimes used as an adjective. Is it fair that if something happens in Pullman that media would give the impression that residents of Oakland have a "local" interest in it. Oakland is probably closer to O'Hare than it is to Pullman but they're both on the "South Side". Please be consistant editorially and name the neighborhood a story takes place in regardless of the race of the majority of the residents in the area. Readers may not ever know places like Burnside, Jeffery Manor, New City, Hamilton Park, Calument Heights or Gresham are neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago, not to mention all those areas on the West Side I'm not familiar with. The future President of the United States doesn't just live on the "South Side", he lives in Kenwood.


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