Hoods Quiz Dec. 28

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Post the correct answer to today's Hood's quiz to win a Sun-Times T-shirt.

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Haines Street was named for Mayor John Haines.

Haines Street was named after John C. Haines, Chicago's 18th mayor (1858-1860).

Haines Street was named for John C. Haines who was the 18th mayor of Chicago.

I enjoy reading your articles, keep up the good work! I sincerely hope the Sun-Times is able to turn around their financial fortunes. I couldn't imagine the city without the Times. The citizens of Chicago need the investigative journalists who write for the Times to continue to root out corruption in the city, county, and state government.

Haines Street was named after John Charles Haines, Chicago's 18th Mayor. There is also an Elemntary School Named after him in Chicago located in the Chinatown Neighborhood!

Haines St was named for John Haines,the 20th mayor of Chicago.

I wanted to add my input about what's real in Chicago. The architecture, people, weather, river - that's all great. But what makes Chicago, Chicago - is PORTILLO'S! Nobody beats their Italian Beef, hot dogs, and Chocolate Cake!! Portillo's is the first place my friends and family who live out of state go to when they come back here!

Heather Stanton

John C haines was my great great grandfather; I just found out!

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