Breaking news in Lincoln Square -- Ald. Schulter pulls eminent domain ordinance from City Council agenda

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Breaking news in Lincoln Square:

Bowing to pressure following a community protest and the Sun-Times coverage of his redevelopment plans for the Lincoln Square business district, Alderman Gene Schulter (47th Ward) pulled an ordinance that would have allowed the city to use its eminent domain powers to gobble up the 4800 block of Western.

Schulter's office sent out this statement"

“Today, I met with representatives from a number of businesses on the
4800 block on N. Western Avenue to further address concerns regarding
implementing acquisition authority. As I have stated from the
beginning, this is going to be a collaborative process. Language is now
being changed in the ordinance to assure many of the property owners and
other stakeholders that we are in this process together. Under the new
language, the City of Chicago states any acquisition north of 4807 N.
Western Avenue will occur only on a volunteer basis, where the terms of
purchase are mutually acceptable. The City will not seek to acquire any
such properties by condemnation.

The City will also make every effort to achieve a mutual agreement with
the owners of the Walgreens building. However, the City will reserve
the right to acquire this property involuntarily if necessary.

Previously, I asked the City Council to defer voting on this issue at
the City Council meeting on November 13, 2007 to give us more time to
review the language. In consideration of the new changes, the matter
will once again not go before the full City Council on Wednesday,
December 12, 2007, but will return to committee for review.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank the many residents
of the 47th Ward who have called, written, and emailed their thoughts
and views on this issue to my office expressing both support and
concerns. I hope that we continue to work together as a community to
move forward in achieving our shared goals for Lincoln Square.”

What's your take on Mean Gene's about face?

Let your voice be heard here.

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Is this for real or is it another stunt? This whole story has a sordid history.

Add to meeting agenda - postpone. Add to meeting agenda - postpone. Add to meeting agenda - postpone. Add to meeting agenda - postpone.

Finally, on the day it was approved (nov 5th?) the item was moved up to 1st on the agenda from 12th. Even one of the tv crews missed the vote.

I'll be at the city council 9am Wed Dec 12th - just in case.

Peace. Best regards, chris

You couldnt have said it any better! This is INDEED another stall tactic. They want the coverage to die down a bit so they can get away with it at a latter date giving us less than 24 hr notice. I will definately be there tomorrow. See you there!!!! So many people think its over so tell eveyone to come!!!!!!

Gene Schulter is a big bully. Dozens of meetings before he decided to rape the owners of their livilihoods? I NEVER HEARD OF ANY MEETINGS AND HAVE LIVED IN THE 47TH WARD FOR 58 YEARS. He is a lier and will say anything he wants to get his pockets filled with developers money.... The ambiance that makes Lincoln Square so beautiful is soon going to be destroyed by 6 and 7 story condos on almost 10 blocks... You heard me 10 blocks after he is finished with the 4 phases. Don't write to him ... Write to the mayor. He is now our only hope. He will listen if enough of us complain about this awful abuse of the Eminent Domain situation in America.

Don't let your guard down. Ald. Eugene Schulter did not give up his plan to use eminent domain to acquire property so he can give it to developers to put up more condos. He just limited, for now, his intent to acquire the properties a few vocal business owners. Let's all stay aware and vocal. Let's not let him use the City's power to take the property and businesses of our neighbors for the private profit of a real estate developers. Let's not let him homogenize of our wonderful neighbor with more condos and chain stores.

The plans still call for the destruction of private homes, more businesses, and the destruction of architecture significant to the area and to the City. All this so he can add 500+ condos (with the housing market the way it is, how long will it take for those to finally be sold?) and to make the most congested intersection in the City (Lincoln/Lawrence/Western) even MORE congested. It's taken me 8 years, but I've finally seen Gene's true colors...I wish I'd have voted for Cooney.

This sounds like something that Patrick Fitzgerald should be looking into. Which real esatate developer is Shulter fronting for?

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