Scottsdale pet store owner: "We're thinking it's time for a new neighborhood." Well, maybe not

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The owner of Pet Luv Pet Center in Scottsdale was really upset Sunday after dog-nappers walked off with 17 doggies worth as much as $15,000.

She told reporter Pat Rehkamp, "We're thinking it's time for a new neighborhood."
With all the trouble at Durkin Park where brawling teenagers divided by race rumbled over God-knows-what and sent one kid to the hospital — that put a spotlight on the Scottsdale neighborhood in July, I gave Cindy Groenewold a call to ask her why this was the last straw.

And to find out if racial changes in that part of town had anything to do with her desire to relocate.

She said ,"That was spoken in anger. I didn't think that was going to be quoted in the newspaper. We've been here 30 years, so things have changed ... It's a lot rougher. Society has gotten a lot less civil. And I guess I'm older and crabbier than I used to be."

So it's not about the "changes," racial and otherwise?

"I'd rather not say that," Groenewold said.

Anyway, the family pet store isn't moving to the suburbs.

"We're not going anywhere. Yeah, I was mad and wanted out of here. But we have a lot of good customers and we're fairly close to downtown, so people are coming down here from further north."

(Folks come to Pet Luv Pet Center to get those dogs that fit in a tea cup, and other trendy mutts that cost a couple grand.)

Besides, a Lowes is moving into the shopping complex. And that, Groenewold hopes, will be a change that's good for business.

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