Mayor Daley is one of THEM — a pro-big business Republican, that is.

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Today, Business Week answered my question about why Mayor Daley protects big business like Old Navy more than folks in Old Town, among other places.

It's because ...

"With such pro-business policies, executives say, Daley would likely be a Republican anywhere else," writes Joseph Weber.

The story also answers another question we all have — Why is Daley such a proponent for putting Gigi Pritzker's pet project, the Children's Museum ,in Millennium Park?

Is it to fight racists who live in high-rises on the New East Side?


"The Pritzkers of Hyatt fame added at least $161,500 to [Daley's] coffers in the last election. Penny S. Pritzker (page 12), head of the family's realty unit, credits the efficiency of City Hall with helping to get the 48-story Hyatt Center up swiftly from spring 2003 to its grand opening in mid-2005. "It's very easy to put up a building in this town," says Pritzker."

That must go double for a museum, huh Gigi?

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Top 3 Chicago mottos (in no order of importance):
1. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."
2. "Vote early and vote often."
3. "The Mayor is a friend of mine."

Konkol Note: Or some people — I don't know whom exactly — might say No. 3 should be:

"The Mayor is a friend of ours."

Daley? A Republican?
Raise taxes first, ignore other solutions later isn't a Republican motto.

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