Hoods Quiz -- Nov. 2

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Name the neighborhood where you can find the "Irish Castle" pictured in Today's Sun-Times.

Be first to post the answer and win a Sun-Times T-shirt.

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Answer to todays quiz: Beverly

Beverly neighborhood . Never received my T-shirtr for guessing Goose Island earlier this year - XL John

How do you answer the Quiz ? I`ll try here - the Beverly neighborhood . Also , never received my XL T-shirt for answering the Goose Island Quiz question earlier this year . John

Beverly neighborhood .

sorry its beverly on the south side 103rd and longwood ave.

The "Irish Castle" is in Beverly located at 103rd and Longwood.

the answer is beverly 103 and longwood

answer to hood question is beverly

The answer to this weeks 'Hoods Quiz' would be the neighborhood of Beverley, or Beverley Hills to be technical. I believe the name of the castle is the Givens Castle. I went to preschool there, many years ago.


Beverly neighborhood

That's the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago. The Castle is located at 103rd and Longwood Drive. My neck of the woods!

The Irish Castle is in Beverly.

The Irish Castle is in Beverly.


Isn't this castle in the St. John area of Joliet?


beverly corner 103rd &longwood dr


The neighborhood is BEVERLY on the southside of Chicago



Irish Castle is found in the Beverly Neighborhood on Longwood Dr

You tell me, where is it?


The Beverly neighborhood.

Not sure if the neighborhood is still referred to as Irving Park, but is it the castle on Kedvale between Irving and Montrose?

I tried posting my answer to the Hoods Quiz but couldn't. It is Beverly.

Beverly. 103rd and longwood dr.

Holy----! that's a question? It's Beverly of course


the irish castle is in Beverly.

Beverly is where you find the Irish Castle

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