Give Lollapalooza the boot

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If what our rock writer — Pop Music Critic — Jim DeRogatis is right, and concert promoters, co-founder Perry Farrell included, really are shopping Lollapalooza to other cities, we should dump the rock festival from Grant Park.

Since the music festival set up shop in Grant Park, I've been loyal to Lolla.

It's my in-town vacation — three days of music and freaks, with great skyline views in the August heat, and all within a short drive of home. What makes Lollapalooza special, at least for me, is that it's only here. Chicago rock fans could claim it as their own, which is the only reason it was worthy of Grant Park real estate.

Mr. Jane's Addiction sold out to something called C3 Presents. And if they want to turn it a commercialized version of itself — and have a festival in Philadelphia (Philadelphia, really? The home to the country's fattest and ugliest people?) — the Park District should wriggle out of it's contract and not bother with Lolla here anymore.

We can do without this traveling sell-out circus.

What do you think?

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What?! Lollapalooza in other cities? You can count me out! I may be getting too old for this, but every year I go to this thing and act out my youth for three days and have a blast. And every night I get to carry my tired butt home down Lake Shore Drive. There are plenty of traveling music festivals and it sounds like Perry is just trying to make some more money. What he needs to worry about is working on his new band, Satellite Party. If they move it, I'll just hang out at the beach

There have been other great Chicago-only music festivals that have done well here and I'm sure if the Park District cancels its contract with Lolla something will fill its void. It would be a shame, but it's not surprising Lolla is trying to franchise its success. Oh well. I'm sure they'll do great in Philly, where fans are known to love their sports figures and celebrities (yeah right).

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