Close the Co-op Markets in Hyde Park?

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Co-op Markets members are set to vote on whether to file bankruptcy and keep the grocery store open, or close for good and let a chain grocery store take its place.

If you had a say, how would you vote? And why?

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I'd vote to close. As we get closer to 2009-2016, the city is going to start bringing in the big-name retailers. It won't be a WalMart, it's more likely to be a Jewel. The Co-op's landlord community won't be very interested in preserving the character of the neighborhood, especially not after recent events. If they go into bankruptcy it will only prolong the process slightly.

The final vote is in 3200 for closing the Co-op (Proposal A) (61%) to 2049 for keeping it open (Proposal B)(39%). See and

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