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Alright, consider the legend of Inez Clarke all but debunked.

But that doesn't mean you haven't been haunted by ghosts.

Tell us your encounters with the paranormal.

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I work for the Union League Boys & Girls Club in the Pilsen area, the building is over 100 years old, in the past years years our staff & members have expierenced some ghostly feelings, hearing voices, seeing shadow people, and a little boy who runs around with the children, a personal expierence last Sunday I'll was doing an EVP and asked if anybody was with me after several questions i went home and replayed the recordings and picked up a little girls voice saying help me, several weeks before a couple of other ghost hunters were doing an EVP, and picked up a little girl crying, the Chicago Ghost Hunters Society have been very active with us. The founder Henry Pena is always looking for new ghost. The Boys & Girls Club is located at 2157 W. 19th Street, Chicago, IL. 60608. 312-829-6840, if you feel like visiting contact me either through my email or call the club 312-829-6840 after 4:00 PM. Thank you.

Carlos Gallardo
Program Coordinator
Union League Boys & Girls Club One
2157 W. 19th Street
Chicago, IL. 60608

Eternal Silence

The answer is Eternal Silence

The Reaper

Eternal Silence

Sorry , I need to shoot down some of the bits in the Inez Clarke ghost story, JUNK! Having worked at Graceland for many years, the only stories I can agree with is the tears,though never seen. I have never have seen thousands of people visiting or toys, coins ,or flowers. Most visitors do not come anywhere near little Ms. Clarke's resting place, interesting reading anyway.

Sorry , I need to shoot down some of the bits in the Inez Clarke ghost story, JUNK! Having worked at Graceland for many years, the only stories I can agree with is the tears,though never seen. I have never have seen thousands of people visiting or toys, coins ,or flowers. Most visitors do not come anywhere near little Ms. Clarke's resting place, interesting reading anyway.

Dear Mark,

I'm disappointed in the slant of your "Ghostbusted" story today that seems to suggest that our author, historian and local folklore/ghostlore expert Ursula Bielski is somehow passing off legend as fact.

It may seem like a small point, but there is a difference between those who study and document the phenomenon of ghost stories and the belief in the supernatural, and those who, convinced ghosts exist, try to capture evidence of them with infrared equipment, etc.

For the record, Ursula Bielski's book, "Chicago Haunts," hardly embellishes the story of Inez Clarke and in no way tries to pass it off as history. In fact, she devotes only 2 short paragraphs to the legend, introducing it with the line: "...there is one Graceland ghost that has won the loyalty of a surprising number of local believers: that of little Inez Clarke." Reporting on the belief in a legend is very different than claiming it is true.

Finally, when the subject comes up at Ursula's talks (and apparently it came up in her interview with you, too), she shares the information that Inez Clarke apparently did not exist. There is a distinct theme that runs through Bielski's books and lectures: Who knows whether or not ghost stories are true? What's true is the belief in them, and that is an interesting thing to study.

You may have been simply writing a fun, seasonal piece; it just seems unfair that it happened at the expense of Bielski's credibility.

Sharon Woodhouse
Publisher, Lake Claremont Press

My grandparents house was built on top of an old farmhouse. One day, when I was cleaning out the attic (which, by the way, is a crawlspace)I got the strange feeling that someone was watching me. My mother, grandmother, and younger brother were all downstairs and when I turned around, no one was there. If it had been any of them, I would have heard them coming up the stairs (the stairs are very creaky, it's impossible for them not to creak when someone is walking up or down them). When I turned around to see if something was there, I didn't see anything. I just thought my mind was playing tricks on me or my slight paranoia was getting the better of me, so I ignored it and went on with my work. I bent over to pick something up that had fallen out of one of the boxes, and as I did, I felt something whizz over my head. I looked in front of me and saw a mouse trap. If I hadn't bent over, the mouse trap would have hit me in the neck. I quickly got out of the crawlspace and shut the door, locking it. It scared me out of my wits. I went downstairs, but I never told my mother, grandmother, or brother what had happened. It happened when I was 14 (I'm now 15)and I'll never forget it. I would prefer (as I mentioned) to remain anonymous and I would appreciate if no one e-mailed me. Thank you.

i was playing hide and seek with my little sisters and then we were looking around the garden and we saw this shadow like figue running away from us, so we followed it, then we turned around again and we saw it. So we shined our flash lights to it, we saw nothing but in the trees we saw the figure running away from us. So we went to go find the person that was hiding, but she was in the house the all that time, cause she got scared and saw the same thing

Another story that i also wanna tell it that i was sleeping in bed and my sister went to the bathroom. The house that we stayed in was known to be haunted. So i got scared and hi under my covers and all i heard was footsteps and voices that i heard. The most creepy thing is that is cant be my sister cause the bathroom was downstairs, she also had to be quiet cause every one else was sleeping.

i want to keep this anonymous

well, when i was 7, my aunt dyed, and she used to always tell me "Nicole, promise me that you'll never lie, just please..." and when i was about 8 and a half, she dyed, she killed herself, and i was one nasty liar when i was a kid, so once last year, i told my friends i already saw someone get killed, i dont know why i forget and well then that night, i was sitting on my bed and i remembered what she said and i clearly heard her say "Nicole, you lyed, you promised me." and then i heard a bang comming from the hallway, so i got scared and went to check and i found, my dog, lying there on the ground, he was dead. i said "HEIDI!" and i heard "I told you not to lie..." so i sweared to god from that day i would never lie again. im 12 now and when i go to lie i always here my aunt say "Nicole, dont do it." and i know its her warning me.

I have had many stange experienes in my life but these two are the ones that i remember the most.
About a year ago on a hot summers night, i was asleep in my bed when suddenly i woke up, i could here someone walked around at the end of my bed, i could also feel something there, i was praying to god to protect me, then i began to get the feeling that my soul was being taken from me then it would pull back into my body this carried on for about 10 minutes until i got the guts to turn my light on, i have never felt so strange or scared in my lfe. The next morning i went down stairs to tell my dad before i got the chance he said to me are you ok? "Yes" i answered then he went onto tell me that he had woken in the night only to find a ghost verison on me sitting on the end of his bed talking to him, at this point io was in utter shock, i went onto tell him about what happen but we could not come to any conclusion, no-one has ever been able to tell me what it could have been?
Not long ago i fainted and hit my head and i was quite ill for awhile afterwoods, the morning after it happened i woke to the feeling of someone stroking my hair i sat up and there was no-one there, about 4 days after that it was late and i couldnt sleep due to the pain, i then felt someone strocking my hair again i turned over to face out of the bed, i opened my eyes and saw a ball of multi coloured light it began to fade, i closed my eyes again and opened them to find it happen again, i kept doing this and everytime it would do it, i then decided to try and sleep.
I wonder what it was?

before we ever actually moved into our house i had this strange feeling. When we arrived at our house to paint and decorate it it was a real mess. Especially one of the bathrooms. I could feel shivers go up my spine when i saw how dark and creepy it looked.
In the beginning everything was peaceful and everything, but then on elena awoke. She awoke me when i heard a muffled cry for help. She said she couldn't move and that she felt something or someone was on thop of her, but eventually she feel back asleep and so did i. Then a few days later i awoke when i felt an unusual presense. I tried to get up, but nothing happend. i was paralyzed from my waist and down. I managed to move my head, but not my body. What i saw shocked me. Nobody was there or ontop of me! Who had it been?Or what?
Then a year or two something else happened. I was awake and so were all of my sisters. It was 12'o clock or something like that.Well anyways one by one my sisters started to fall asleep and then that's when it happend... Sorry ppz, but i gotta log off! Leave me acomment if you wanna now the rest.SORRY!!!

When i first moved to my house i knew something just wasnt right. Strange things happened, unexplainable things and it wasn't till the night i was home alone i figured out that a spirit was in my house!

I locked all the doors and was sat in my room quietly but then my bedroom door swung open. I never been in that room since and something is deffinatly in there x

this story has two parts but is prety interesting.

whene i was very young like 4 or 5 I lived in a hunted home in
duluth, gorga. many things happened there things i dont want to talk about but i day my family moved to are new house we loved it for the first few days,butsoon it would get crazy.
after the first few days my mom and dad hered fot steeps running up and down the hall even on the roof!!
in a month or two i started talking to an imaganery friend,but this was no ordanery imaginary friend. infact i'd stay up all night talking to him. my mom asked me how he looked like but all i sead was that he was an old man that night my mom was tuking us in and turnd classical music on like she did every night but when she cam back down to chek on us befor she went to bed the radio was playing death metal!!!! she was about to turn it to clasical music when suddenly a deep angerd demonic voice sead DONT TOUCH THE RADIO!!!! my mom freked out and ran back to dad crying that night dad priyed intensly to god.that day my mom was cooking diner wene she herd my little brother josh crying she went to josh and there were hundreds of bees now my mom was and still is allergic to bees.but she ran and got me and my brother out of there my dad pulled in from work to see my mom,my brother, and me sitting on the frount deck.whene we went back in all the bees were dead.we called a bug expert but there were no bee settalments,hives or even familys in or near the home we called a prist to or house and he saed to move and that the house was hounted so we moved into a small house in knoxvill but we would soon dicover that we had not escaped.
knoxvill tennese
my age 6-9
we had moved to knoxvill after the demon infested house in gorga
things went well for the first year but soon after things started happining to me.
no mater were i go the demons and ghost ar atracted to me maby its becase i might be phicic maby its becas i know were they are or maybe its becas they need help that is what i want to do help them.anyway one night i had a terribal dream a demmon was chasing my family but no matter were we whent it was there.i wook up to see a demmon on my was only a small one but it hadd enogh power to invade my life every morning it stared into my eyes and i remember exacly what it looks likeit was a skelliton with a torn robe over it soon we started praying for no demmon to enter our home so it stoped after that somthing amazing happend
i acully saw a gardian angel standing infrount of my parents room he was all whit with long white hair
about a year later we moved when my dad was picking up the last of the boxes he herd a big group of people talking whene he went in all the doors in the house slamed shut.
gray tennese current location
current age
after moving to three othere homes we finally bought a home here in gray tennese.whene we first moved here i saw a littel girl with a white dress and holding a doll i soon learnd that it was what ghost call a costume and i would soon learn almost learn almost every thing about ghost by some very special freinds
about a year ago i moved to this house it was a grate little area i had alote of freainds and i had or have 3 best freinds macko for short,deetermy best freinde in school,and casy whos been my best freinde the and my freind macko investagat for ghost in my house and his bassment all the time but thats anothere story we cannot investigat hisbassment any more we still ivestigat my house behind my mothers back
one day not to long ago we of did 2 the most importent investagation of our lives.after chrismas we got new ds's me, my brother,and my sisterwe played animal crossing wiled world togethre and went to my sisters town.but somthing wired happened every time we played a persson named amy would popup in her town at first we thoght it was a normal persone but we found out that it wasn't in fact she was one of a family of ghost unknowing about the ghost me my brother and macko only new that we were not alone in the house we didn't know that there were 9 at the most.
one night we were trying to talk to and help the spirets so we used macko as a translaterand thats wene we meet amy a young girl from the 60's we also meet a young man frome the civle war the fathere of amy a ghost condemed to the closet a ghost from mackos basment anda gardian angle
now i will tell you the differences between ghost and demons and the ghost ruls
the differenses between ghost and demons are
ghost can not touch nor lift any thing only demons can do that to test there power ghost cannotbe seen unless thay are whereing what they call a costum ghost can open doors or accidentaly brake things only with there items ghost can talk or comunicat with you throgh electronical divises such as ds's or cell phones
there is a riddal that you can completto unlock somthing ask a ghost if they know for the questions.
thats all for my story for know but tell your freinds and talk to me on runescape my chareter is king sharp92
i wish you a good life for me and my hidden ghost freinds are still here whating for a visit.


Ok knowing that every1 probably comes on this page thinking they had an expirence with ghosts. I've always beleived in them since ever. I have many expirences so here is one. It was a summer day my family was outside while i went in to get cards that were in my room. I heard my fridge door open. I went to the top of the stairs and tried to to see what it was. I called mom? dad? Then I felt a push and i tumbled down the stairs and my arms went strait up and caught onto the railing. I ended up spraining my leg. I didnt tell my mom about hearing someone in the kitchen. The only time i told her about a ghost expirence was when i saw a guy in my parent's room....

Hi my name is Mrs.Ritzel
long ago when i moved in to my new house with my friends when we got there we had to rest for minutes or hours but when i woke up there wan a cut carpet when i tolg my friend she said she had to cut it beacause there was blood on it.and when my friend went out of the room my little kids were laughing at me they told me there was a ghost in this house.when i went down stair i saw crayon marking on the wall,then i didn't know it was the little kid

Hi well it all started on Saturday 10th it was so scary cause my friend and I were playing pool and we dropped the number 8 ball on the ground. Then we started to see that it was moving all by its self and we got so scared we ran up stairs and told my friends Sam's grandmother but she didn't believe us. We went down Stairs and a ribbon was on the ground and it was scary. Then my friends ring fell off her hand and she screamed. Then I asked the ghost to move another ball and it did and it was the number 11 and we all know that its a very Spirtcale number. We all freaked. All of us went to a old mirror and told it to write Rhea on the mirror and the next thing it apeared. Ever since that day the ghost has been putting clues for us to find out who the ghost was and it was a girl and her name was Sarah. We really saw it when scraches appeared on Sam's arm and she showed us how she died and how she was murdered by a guy that lives next to my friend Sam.

my grandmother was at a hotel at the edge of town in phillidelphia, she had heard stories about this hotel being haunted, but she wasn't scared of these tall tales. when she got to her room there was an imprint on her pillow yet she had not laid down yet. she fluffed the pillow out and went to the lobby to get a snack, when she went back up to her room the imprint was there again. she fluffed it out and went down to the front office and asked if anyone else was staying in the hotel, the clerk checked his computer but nobody else was checked in. when she went back up to her room the door was open the bed was turned down and the glass next to her bed was spilled. a little freaked she went to the front office and asked if the maids had been in her room, but the clerk said that the maids dont come around till 3 o'clock as the elavater door opened to let her out on her floor her door was open at the end of the hall and a womanly white figure was standing in the doorway she ran down to the front office and checked out as quickly as possible and left. later in the month the hotel was closed down due to suspicious actions in the rooms and because of lack of workers and customers.

we live in Ephrata in WA one day i had to go get my shose form the back yard i was scard to go out in the back yard by my self so i was running i truned and i saw a man that was in a civel war suite with a cowboy hat on but it was tiled to one side it was all gary and u can see throw it . but that was a long time a go like 5 years ago so yeah .

we live in Ephrata in WA one day i had to go get my shose form the back yard i was scard to go out in the back yard by my self so i was running i truned and i saw a man that was in a civel war suite with a cowboy hat on but it was tiled to one side it was all gary and u can see throw it . but that was a long time a go like 5 years ago so yeah .

There is a web site where you can post actual stories and you can read other peoples. There is like 2000 stories. It's

Hello Everyone. I am Macko. You may remember me from Hollie Washington's Story up about 8 stories. It is true. Everyting he said. I had been through it all with him and have interviewed his parents about further ghost, demon, and other paranormal activities.

1. First. It all began in my friends house. As he said in his story, he had moved in for a bout a year now and we started to ghost hunt in his house. We only had a couple of weird happenings. The only one i remember was one when we darkened the room completely and removed all animals and little kids from the room. We then tryed to contact ghosts through many different ways. All i can say is that one method must have worked. We began to hear a rustle of toys that had been layed out. We waited and asked what it was doing and it did it again. It was legos being moved around. Soon after a old gaming system of his (Sega Dreamcast), cut on and was making noises as if it were switched on and off. Whe cut on the TV te see if it were trying to tell us something, but it said nothing was plugged in, so we checked the outlet when it came on again, and sure enough it was not even plugged up.

2. We started to think not only should we try his house, but also my house. So i went to the most frightening place in my house. A empty room of dirt was built in the wall of my basement. It is about 3 feet off the ground and contains only dirt. It is always completely dark and strange moans come from it all the time. So we investigated at night. We didn't get much, but what we did get was a red faint face would come on the wall.

3. Our final hunting we have been doing is inside and outside my basement. We see white figures hide behind our Christmas Tree down there. We see a clear ooze fall from the windows and doors. We here taping on the windows and on some metal. All of these accounts are still happening today, and we will continue to listen to what they have to say.

If you have any questions, answers, comparisons, or need help, or if you would like to give me tips; add me to your friends list if you play runescape. My characters are Little Macko, Falminimus, or Cow Man 5000. Thanks for Reading!!!

I have not encoutered with a ghosts, but i know plenty of people who did by this same ghost at this daycare i used to go to, but first i have to tell you the story.

The ghost of Jeremiah:
There once was a young man who went to ----- ---- ---------- school in "the days" and a bully, whos name goes unknown, shoved him in the basement and locked him in there. a few days later one of the staff members found him in there... dead. He is now known to wander around the halls asking, "do you have the key?" If he is to ask you this, you are to say, "No, I do not." and walk away.

These are only few of the encouters with jerimiah.

My friend ---- went to the bathroom one day and heard,"Do you have the key _____?" (unfortunaly she could not remember the name. A sharp, girly voice answered, "No Jerimiah, but I've seen many a women with plenty of keys!" ---- then scuffled out and we are now afraid of those bathrooms.

Another person, this one being a guy named ------, had walked through what jerimiah did. we were having recess and ------ was sent back in to get the balls, and bats, and toys, and walked in to find all the chairs pushed down, and he had to search for the toys because jerimiah had hidden them.

another one was by this women I absoulutly HATED! her name was Mrs. -------. she turnes the light off every night, and every night she feels someone tapping on her shouder and whispering, "Do you have the key?"

the last one i know of is by Mrs. -----. At least once a week she will hear footsteps in the hallway and someone trying to open her door, but she will look outside and see noone, even when the sound is going on.

Those are the only four stories that I know of Jerimaiah.

The Teen Brother Haunting in Woodstock Illinois

On August 1983 my 17 year old brother Sean Thompson was brutally assaulted by a J. Greenham who was 19 from woodstock Illinois. he was mad at my brother over a pretty girl named Connie. my brother was found lying at the LakeWood Apartments in Woodstock Illinois on the groung unconsious. a woman found him and called an abulance. my brother was taken to Woodstock Hospital with head trauman. I went to see my brother in intensive care, his head was the size of a large watermellon. he was embarased. his eyes were bloody red. it was a horrible assalt. my brothers face was all beaten in. J. Greenham never served any time for this beating. Sean was too afraid to press charges. Sean was in the hospital for 2 months. he was released. Sean had a 69 blue dodge charger and started his senior year of high school at Woodstock. my brother was never the same after the beating. one day a Illinois State Trooper came to my parent's house and said Sean had passed a semi and barely made it. I told my brother to stop the dangerous driving, he told me to shut up. I was staying at the Woodstock Motel with my boyfriend K. Thomas. I went to sleep and was stuck in a semi sleep state. my soul started to float above the room. I did not know what was happening. I screamed and yelled for my boyfriend but he did not hear me. This levitation went on for several hours. I never had anything like this happen before. my soul finally went back into my body. It was a very scarey experience. This timeline was about January 7, 1984. I walked looking for work but could not find any. I was 19 and had just graduated from Woodstock High School. It was a bitter cold winter. I was going hungry. I walked to the train stop to get food. a relative there fed us 2 times a day. I went back to the Motel by the next morning it was January 14, 1984. I awoke to the motel clerk handing me the phone. My dad was on the phone. Richard told me Sean just was killed in a car accident. I just started screaming and crying. I went back to my room then then Marene Lanz the Mchenry County Coronor came to my room and picked me up and drove me to my parents house. we lived on Jankowski road. there the family was in deep mouring. The local church came and brought us meals. we were too devestated to cook. I couldnt sleep. Richard My stepfather took Sean's death real hard. he went driving and picked up a hitchhiker with psychic ability to our house. The hitchhiker did a seance. I was sleeping when this was going on. but the very next day a haunting started. I heard banging, footsteps outside my window. I heard load moans and crying for many nights. The door would open and shut. orbs would fly around the room. my sister slept in the same room as me and did not see anything. My mother smelled toast being made in the morning like Sean used to do. This haunting went on for about over 6 months I kept hearing banging coming from his room next to mine and my sister's. I finally gathered the courage to go into his room. when I opened the room it appeared like he had never left. the room was bright and sunny with a desk in it where he used to do his homework. but I noticed garbage bags in the room with a bad odor. I opened the bags. I was mortified to realize that my parents put my brother's clothes he had died in, in those bags. They smelled like blood. The parts to his car was in his room. the parts were all mangeled from the accident. I ran out screaming get this stuff out of the house. That is why I am being haunted. Richard finally agreed. That night Sean came to me in a dream. He was lying in a coffin. He opened the coffin and sat up. He said Ann am I dead. I told him yes. He said are you sure. I said Sean you died in a car accident. I started to cry. He cried I'm only 17, I can't be dead. I'm too young to die. He shut the coffin closed. I then woke up and was shaken, but after the dream the haunting stopped.

you guys scare me.... j/p

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