Starbucks Density anyone?

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Let's play a little game.

Type an exact address into the Starbucks store locatr and search for the number of stores within a 2-mile radius.
Post the total number of stores that the locater finds here. Lets see which corner of town — or the country — is surrouned by the most Starbucks stores.

Lets make it a contest. Whoever finds a spot with the highest verifiable Starbucks Density by Wednesday, Oct. 10 wins a Sun-Times T-shirt.

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I hope you're getting a nice fee from Starbucks for giving them more advertising.

You mentioned Starbucks is a place in Bronzeville where people don't have to worry about getting hustled. Well, Starbucks is one of the biggest hustlers in the world and people keep falling for it. $4-$5 for a cup of coffee? That, my friends, is a hustle! It's damn near grand larceny. My only wish is that I owned a few Starbucks franchises.

"Starbucks Quotient...can be used to determine if your hood is happening. Whether you like it or not."

Hot by who's standards? "Whether you like it or not?" What is this guy, a culture dictator?

"It would make sense that people living in a high-SBQ neighborhood would feel important"

It would? This guy derives his self worth from how many Starbucks there are in his neighborhood? Damn, that's just downright sad.

"There can be no doubt that people need Starbucks"

Wow.. Someone needs to do some serious self-examination. A little soul searching. Civilization would not collapse if Starbux disappeared tomorrow. Nobody would die. People don't "need" Starbucks any more than they need Prada purses or the new S-Class. It's a luxury. Sure, nice to have if you're into that kind've thing, but you certainly don't "need" it.

The priorities are a bit skewed when you judge something as complex as neighborhood and culture by it's over or undersaturation of a particular fast-food franchise.... and the ridiculous sense of smug self-importance ("used to determine if your hood is happening. Whether you like it or not") I would think would be insulting to any reader that doesn't share identical priorities (it certainly is to me).

Why hasn't this newspaper fired you yet? This story is so stupid. I clicked on it before I saw the author, because generally I skip your cloying, cheesy, infantile attempts at being witty.

I love how you turned the girls' comments into statements supporting your theory, although they had no idea what you were talking about. No, she said she *wouldn't* avoid a particular school because it didn't have a Starbucks.


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