Hoods quiz- Oct. 16

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What is the name of the monument at Dexter Graves' tomb in Graceland Cemetery?

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Good Luck.

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"Eternal Silence", but it's more commonly known as the "Statue of Death".

The bronze 8 foot sculpture by Lorado Taft was created as "Eternal Silence"...but it is more commonly known as the "Statue of Death".

The monument at Dexter Graves' tomb is called "Eternal Silence".

Eternal Silence by Lorado Taft, commonly known as Statue of Death

The Name is "Eternal Silence".
Compelling monument sculpted by Loredo Taft for the Graves Family marker. A plaque on the back of the monument reads "Erected by Henry Graves son of Dexter Graves, one of the pioneers of Chicago. Dexter Graves brought the first colony to Chicago consisting of thirteen families arriving here July 15th 1831 from Ashtabula Ohio on the schooner Telegraph and father and son remained citizens of Chicago till their death."

The neighborhood where "Irish Castle" is located is Avondale.

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