Darius Miller's tomb

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Legend has it that on an early morning every June you can see strange blue lights glowing under the door of the Egyptian-style crypt of Darius Miller at Rosehill Cemetery.

The story is that Miller was head of the team of archeologists who unearthed Tutankhamun, and died an early death, the penalty for disturbing a mummy known for years as the “Curse of the Pharaohs.”

Al Walavich is quick to point out that Darius Miller was a railroad executive who died years before King Tuts’ tomb was opened.

“I don’t know how some of these stories get started,” Al says.

Have you seen the strange blue lights at Darius' tomb?

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Thanks for posting this! I'm writing a paper on Rosehill Cemetery and several of my printed sources had listed the Darius Miller/ "curse of the Pharoahs" story as though it were truth. I was suspicious of this for a few reasons, but your post helped point me toward the actual Darius Miller and gave me usable info.

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