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Alright, consider the legend of Inez Clarke all but debunked.

But that doesn't mean you haven't been haunted by ghosts.

Tell us your encounters with the paranormal.

What is the name of the monument at Dexter Graves' tomb in Graceland Cemetery?

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Good Luck.

Legend has it that on an early morning every June you can see strange blue lights glowing under the door of the Egyptian-style crypt of Darius Miller at Rosehill Cemetery.

Jack's back

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Beverly Artist Jack Simmerling's watercolor calendar makes a triumphant return after an unfortunate year hiatus.

Ol' Jack is a fixture in Beverly, and the guy you go to for the some of prettiest, least cliche, pictures and postcards of Chicago.

He recently completed ...

Greektown might not have loads of Greek residents, but it sure is important to the Greek community. It's a place that marks near the spot waves of their ancestors came to find a better life in Chicago.

These days, it's mostly a tourist trap with great tasting, affordable ethnic food. And that typically makes for a much better time than most stuffy restaurants in the Loop.

Who was the first Greek woman to arrive in Chicago?

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What year did the Pullman Car Works make its last railroad car?

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They Gone!

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I'll admit it, there was one part of me that was rooting for one part of the Cubs -- Cliff Floyd, my high school pal and favorite major leaguer these days.

Sorry that you had to become a Cub, Cliff.

But other than that, the Cubbies' quick demise brought nothing but sunshine to my house.

Now, Sox fans like me don't have to hear anymore ...

Let's play a little game.

When year did the first Starbucks open in Chicago?

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Fox News does.
One day after I told you about Chicago's last trailer park, the plans to build houses and condos there, Ol' Channel 32 sent A.J. Sterling down to "Little Arizona" in Hegewisch to play copycat.

Mark Konkol

Mark Konkol covers city neighborhoods for the Chicago Sun-Times. You can e-mail him or call (312) 321-2146.

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