Marriotti's Mini-Me: Jason Krause

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Jason Krause is a character. The 10-year-old 5th grader at the British School of Chicago is the newest addition to ESPN's NFL countdown.
Check out his first segment and tell me what you think? Should Marriotti be worried about his job?

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Jay Who?

No comparison!

The kid is funnier because he is not tainted liked that knuckleheaded Marriotti!

Jason Krause is IN the house! So, yeah, he may look like a Mini-Mariotti, but he's much more intelligent and he actually is funny. Hopefully, this early success doesn't go to Jason's head. I'd hate to see him become a pompous ass like Jay Marriotti.

He's GREAT! I don't care for football (it's baseball for me), but I like to watch "Sunday NFL Countdown" just to see him.

This kid is hilarious!I heard him on Johnnie B last week as well! He does great ACDC karoke too!

who is this kid and why is he on my tv? He's annoying and his haltering, huffy sentences make me wish he stops showing up on Gameday. I don't want to listen to a kid talk about football, I'd rather listen to Dennis Miller.

This kid is neither clever nor funny. I think Berman, Johnson, Jackson, Ditka, and Young agree with me judging by their looks after the segment. He's insulting my intelligence.

"Takin' It To The House" is one of the most entertaining segments of the Countdown. How much did any of his critics know about the NFL when they were 10 yrs old? How can you not like his enthusiasm for football? ESPN - renew Krause/House for next season!

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