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Joseph and Edward Burke of the 14th Ward

Joseph and Edward Burke of the 14th Ward

Joseph and Ed Burke (Joeseph was first elected in 1953 and then his son filled the seat back in 1969 after his father died of cancer). Ed Burke is the man!

The answer is Joseph P. Burke and Edward M. Burke..Ald. Burke's father was Alderman of the 14th ward until 1968 when he died of cancer..then his son, Edward took over.

I think the longest serving father-son Aldermen from the same district are Ed Burke and his father Joseph (14th Ward). Joseph Burke was elected in November 1953 and upon his death in May 1968, Edward assumed his father's position. Ed Burke was elected in a special election in March 1969 and has served as the 14th Ward's Alderman since.

The aldermen with the longest tenure on the council between father and son would be Joseph P. and Edward Burke of the 14th Ward. Joseph Burke was elected in 1953 and his son Edward succeeded him in the position in 1969 upon Joseph's death. Ald. Ed Burke still represents the 14th Ward in the City Council to this day, making the famuily's tenure 54 years and running.

"Name the father and son who were Chicago aldermen in the same ward for the most consecutive years."

My guess is the Burke's. Dad Joseph was elected in 1953 and served until his death in 1968. Son Ed was elected in a special election in 1969 and is still going strong.

So you would have 54 (or 53) years between the two -- depending if you take into account election day (in 1953) or inauguration day (in 1954).

Al Capone live at 7244 s. Prairie ave in chicago

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