Where's your mail?

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Overnight local mail delivery in Chicago has improved, but we're still the worst in the nation for getting our mail on time.

Has delivery in your neighborhood improved?

Let your voice be heard here.

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My mail doesn't get to my place until early evening, if then. Mail delivery is bad, but try going to do business at Fulletton/Sheffield or Gunnison/Harlem post offices. The people behind the counters play the "I can work slower than you' game and not get in any trouble. In the mean time, there are lines out the door. And, when you get to the counter, the workers talk and treat you like you were from Mars. HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!!!

No. I am NOT satisfied with the service I receive from the U.S. Postal Service. Here is why:

Back on July 9th, I received two packages from Amazon.com. One package was delivered by United Parcel Service, and arrived in perfect condition. The other was delivered by the U.S. Postal Service and, when it arrived in my mailbox, it had been CUT OPEN, presumably, at a postal facility. Fortunately, the contents had not fallen out or been stolen by a dishonest postal worker.

After complaining about this to USPS, via email, a representative informed me that it was standard procedure for the Postal Service to open parcels to determine what is inside and whether the proper postage has been paid. I don't know about you, but I find this practice unsettling, because not only can the items in the package be stolen, but they can be damaged by the instruments used to cut open the shipping cartons.

The U.S. Postal Service has given me yet another reason not to trust them. If they wish to gain the confidence of their customers, they might want to start by not tampering with our mail.

Rogers Park

Below is Mr Konkol's Blog Entry about previous problems with mail delivery

Old mail on Tuesday?

Posted by Mark Konkol on March 13, 2007 06:00 AM | Permalink

Below is my retort to an angry patron.
Posted by: No Problems With Mail Delivery | March 27, 2007 04:15 PM

I am still getting the same service. It has not increased nor decreased in effiency, such as time of day delivery(TODD), interaction or asking questions to the mail deliverer (but I walk with them on their route if I have several questions to ask and want answers), they cannot just stop and talk to me all day.

I do not go to the postal office often, except when needed, though the line may be long at times, it moves expeditously if THE PATRON KNOW WHAT THEY WANT when it is their turn! (Please have an IDEA of what you want)

I had one incident which happened this year, but it is the first one in ten years (more like twenty) or more of interacting with the USPS in Chicago. I am not going to hoop and holler about one incident, but I did let them know and the matter was taken care of immediately.

Question: For those who have major issues with the USPS, why are you using it, instead of UPS, FEDEX or DHL for major shipments and deliveries of your mail & packages? I understand your gripe about normal delivery, but not about the other items. Also, remember you pay for what you get. I do not understand why people expect a personal mail-deliver nowadays. Technology has many usages and I believe most people are not using it fully and dump on the USPS! I do not think it is a bed of roses at this entity, but I do not understand why people do not use other methods to send or retrieve mail & packages if upset with this component.

Another thing, times have change! Remember when there was no cable TV, and the television told you good nite whether you wanted to stay up late and watch it anyway. Once upon a time no Internet. Hell, it was no such thing as a phone outside of your house unless it was a public pay phone. We are now a 24/7-365 day global system, maybe that is why I do not view getting mail at nine at night strange. We have people running out to the 24 hour mini-mart to buy groceries and diapers, but do not understand mail being delivered late at night. ADJUST YOUR THINKING TO THE 21st Century and it will begin to make sense to you.

Mine has not improved at all. I live in lakeview and it takes a week to get netflix dvds IF they aren't stolen to begin with and I never see them at all.

When I moved to Chicago 4 years ago the mail service in Logan Square was laughable. We frequently received mail for another zip code and if you needed something from the Logan Square post office you had better clear your whole afternoon. Many people worked behind the counter, but I never saw but 1-2 actually help a customer.

Now that we've moved to University Village I have to admit the mail service is worse! Sometimes we go 3-4 days with NO MAIL for the whole building. We've complained. Nothing so far. Hopefully changes are on the horizon.

No, it hasn't improved...Out of 4 pieces of mail received the other day...one belonged on the next block, and the other two were addressed to neighbors on either side of me. Isn't reading and being able to comprehend addresses required for employment at the Post Office? More than once I have received preferred customer sales fliers from stores such as JoAnn fabrics that were 2 weeks after the sale date expired. When I complained to the local postal office, I was told that "we deliver the bulk mailings as soon as they are received"....I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!

This is follow-up to my complaint about the condition of a package that was delivered to me by USPS. Whenever I order something I now INSIST that it be delivered by UPS, or some other carrier, and not the vermin working for the U.S. Postal Service.

There are a few good men (and women) whio work for the post office. But most are monkeys.

How odd that I get mail that should go to completely different addresses miles away, mail from my own office building gets shoveled into my box, and here's the capper: CD and DVD packages at least twice have never arrived. Tracking shows them arriving in Elk Grove, then being delivered to Wicker Park, and then: gone. No trace. Nothing in the building. Nobody knows nuttin. How odd that it happens before Christmas. Can you say EZShopping?

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