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News provided by Edgewater.org

Edgewater will officially "unveil" and dedicate the Bryn Mawr Bricolage on Saturday August 11th. The intergenerational project included residents of all ages.

The 185-foot long public art piece will be the largest community-based public art piece in Chicago and it's basis is the history and geography of our community. Included is a giant blowup of an antique postcard of the Edgewater Beach Hotel.

The central focus is a bright red mosaic rising sun inspired by the terra cotta of the historic Belle Shore Hotel in the Bryn Mawr Historic District.

Where & When
Saturday August 11th
Bryn Mawr Underpass at Lake Shore Drive.

If your neighborhood group has something happening you'd like posted on this blog. Drop me a line.

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I spent over 30 years of my life living in Edgewater . Even though I now live in Rogers Park, I still consider Edgewater MY neighborhood. I still visit Swedish Bakery, Augie's Restaurant, and Edgewater Produce in Andersonville. One thing the businesses in Edgewater have in common is that they are all welcoming. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for their Rogers Park counterparts.

Why can't the newspapers cover condo life from the unit owners point of view and not just the developers? David Mack is a good writer and he sometimes takes our side. You should publish him more often.
Why isn't the Chicagoland section on line? It would help readers look up articles.

I can share some warm fuzzy "what's happening" news in Lakeview at Nettelhorst School.

Tomorrow, June 4th, at 1p, a class of pre-kindergartners will be assembling 60+ backpacks they've filled with school supplies and goodies for some children in South Africa. Their teacher, Zio Perez, is taking the backpacks (along with other supplies) back to a one-room school she found when she visited there last year. Her students have been doing fundraising presentations throughout the school for the past two weeks to raise money for this project, called Project Rainbow.

Never to early to teach children about giving back!

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