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After a two-week hiatus, the neighborhoods blog returns.

In today's paper, Dave McKinney and Chris Fusco put a local face on some of the so-called "Pork projects" that Gov. Blagojevich cut from the state budget.
The way I've always understood legislative "pork," — also know as the pet projects of state lawmakers — is that the best of the bacon goes to benefit folks closest to their clout.

As this story goes, two South Side families who each lost a son pushed state Rep. Kevin Joyce (D-Chicago) to get funding to make park improvements, and name a playground and a ball park after their boys.

Amy and Brian Bonner, who's son Liam Bonner died from brain cancer, hoped to have a playground refurbished at Kennedy Park and named after little Liam.
Amy bonner said calling the project "Pork" is insulting and "insinuates something that's a wasteful program or money that wasn't spent wisely."

Joyce scored about $300,000 for the park improvements from the state and Chicago Park Districts. Do you consider this pork, or just a good neighborhood investment in the name of boys who died too young?

Do you buy the Governor's argument that projects like these have to be put on hold to expand the state's health care program?

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So let me get this straight... these people want the tax payers to erect monuments to their dead sons? Why?

Are their sons war heros? humanitarians that solved some major societal ill?

Blago is exactly right calling this pork.

I'm sorry these people lost their children but the way things usually work, is the philanthropist pays for the public good (improvement) and gets their/a name "immortalized" in return.

These people need to stop thinking about themselves and their grief. Many people have losses and they don't expect the public to pay for it.

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