Riding on the river

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A summer night on the Calumet River is a special place, especially if you have a buddy with a boat. That's where I'm lucky, I guess.
Tell me your favorite stories of time spent on the Calumet boating, fishing or hanging at Skippers drinking Downscope.

In fact, if you're one of those people who claims to know the secret recipe — tell us your version.

Here's an internet exclusive for you ...

Paul "Skip" Strombeck tells me he plans to unveil the "Upscope" next summer. It will be a secret recipe cocktail that's red to compliment his father's secret Downscope.
Skip says you'll be able to put the two half-gallon just at the bow of the boat to indicate the port and starboard side of the boat.
(Hint for landlubbers:Port is red. Starboard is green)

Also, there's another bar on the river you should visit, and I should have mentioned -- Windjammer Marina at 13701 Hoxie.
Reader JJ Fath gives this place the thumbs up -- "They have the best food and hottest bartenders on the river ... If you come out sluming on the South Side maybe you should check it out."


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General J.T. Torrence, a stockholder in the Brown Mill

It was named after General J.T. Torrence who was one of the stockholders in the Brown Mill.

I did not get the opportunity to get the answer to the riddle of which two chicago streets that intersects each other twice.

Milwaukee Ave. crosses Elston twice

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