Hoods quiz -- August 10

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Who was Torrence Avenue named after?

The first poster with the correct answer wins a Sun-Times T-shirt.

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It is named after General J.T. Torrence, a stockholder in the Brown Mill

That avenue was named after General J.T. Torrence, a stockholder in the Brown Mill. About 1882, Brown and Torrence sold their interest in the mill. It then became known as the Calumet Iron and Steel Works.

General J.T. Torrence, a stockholder in the Brown Mill.

Jake Torrance, the boxer

Torrence Avenue was named after General J.T. Torrence, a stockholder in the steel mill that became known as Wisconsin Steel at 106th and Torrence.

Joseph T. Torrence was a blacksmith, a blast furnace builder, a union fighter,a developer of calumet harbor, a promoter of the Chicago elevated train system, a Republican, and a wealthy man.He was born in Mercer city,Pennsylvania. In the civil war he became a major general. Torrence was also a founding father of East Chicago, Indiana. He helped lay out the town and held title to 1,000 acres. Torrence never lived near the area in which the street is named, he lived on the gold coast at Lake shore drive and Bellevue place.

ATT: Chicagoland.

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