Hoods Quiz -- Aug. 3

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Today, I introduced you to Chicago's strangest landmark, a wooden alley between State and Astor behind Cardinal George's mansion.

There's another surviving wooden alley in Chicago that isn't a landmark. Where is it?

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Hyde Park...alley is the one between 54th and 53rd and S. Hyde Park and Cornell.

The other wooden alley is a short stretch running west from Hudson, near Webster. It is in pretty bad shape, alot of it covered with asphalt.

The 2nd wood brick alley is at 2139 North Hudson (rear)
I know this because I used to play Mumley Peg there.

short stretch running west from Hudson, near Webster

short stretch running west from Hudson, near Webster

I submitted my answer earlier today. I lived at 2139 North Hudson from 1945 to 1986. I remember many, many times my friends and I would sit in the alley and play mumblypeg with our knives. We also carved our initials into the wood blocks just opposite the gangway leading to the alley. I knew about this alley long before anyone else. I am not sure if you received my earlier email, posted about 1:30 p.m. Friday, August 3. Thank you. Larry Bartoli.
cpd1911@comcast.net - 773-348-8522.

The address is 7244 South Prairie

by richard h. lee school

the neighborhood where Al copone live is Park Manor.

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