What's your beef?

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Joe Losacco's got rat trouble, so he takes matters into his own hands. He catches them in traps and exterminates them the old fashioned way -- think hot boiling water and drowning. Tips he picked up working at a butcher shop when he was a kid.
That's been his last resort since the city won't pick up the rats he catches in a borrowed trap

Do you have trouble in your neighborhood that needs fixing? Tell me your story.

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Mary Mitchell is wrong,this neighborhood has all different races that is not the problem. The problem is the police are now trying to hide what really happened. These boys who came into this area where looking to fight someone. If they had a problem in April they should have told their parents. The police had a weapon all the by standers saw it and now they say they do not have anything and two boys were identified in a lineup by many people in the neighborhood. And now nothing is being done. Why the coverup by the police. The boy who drove the car into the crowd could have gone another way but he decide to take a 3000 lb weapon and use it!! He was left behind by the boys who beatup the boy. He is not from that neighborhood. The house who took the car driver in when he was running from the fight ended up getting hit by the car too. What is the coverup about. This is not just a neighborhood fight. This was intent to kill by the two car loads that came and beat the boy into a coma and by the boy that drove the car into the crowd. Something needs to be done.

anonymous is a fool

yoooo ,mary mitchell a whole bunch of white, and hispanic got hurt by a car , and 1 against 8 minorities,who commited the hate crime?

start a peace rally

it was racial, young black feral youth from the Englewoods and Roselands of Chicago deliberatly seek white and hispanics whom they can outnumber for a bloody beat down.

Until SOMEONE has the guts to state the truth that this is what is really happening - - it will continue.

For 30 yrs whites have been labeled as THE racists in society.
We've had 30 yrs of Jesse and Al pontificating for 'justice'.

But the statistical truth is simple >

Whites do NOT assault, rob, or car jack blacks, nor do whites target individual blacks for a mob beat down.
MOST blacks are NOT about this violence, but the ones that are - -- are total racist predators who specifically target whites to intimidate, beat, rob, car jack and KILL.
THE papers and TV news execs are TOTAL cowards who are afraid to report the truth. A white kid in durkin park got out numbered by a gang of black thugs and got beaten almost to death. But it was NOT mentioned that the victim was white or the perpetrators were black.
If a gang of white kids beat a single black youth almost to death it would have been all over the news as a 'racial' incident against blacks by the racist white society.
On the RARE occasion that this happens, the it becomes a NATIONAL media frenzy accusting white racism. Remember the Leonard Clark case ?
Leonard Clark was an innocent black youth who was beat by white thugs in Bridgeport. It became a national media frenzy. But that same week a white woman from the burbs was at a stop light on the West side of Chicago, some thugs on the corner tossed a large boulder of concrete into her windshield.
It almost killed her, broke about every bone in her face. About one paragraph was written about it in the back pages of the metro section.

But these days the liberal news outlets have very FEW incidents of whites perpetrating violently against a black.
Yet on a daily basis black ghetto thugs perpetrate mayhem against whites as they see us as an easy hit.
Chicago desperately needs conceal and carry permits for law abiding people without felony convictions so we defend against the homocidial animals.

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