Ulacher's (alleged) dirty text messages

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OK, everybody — even those clowns Eddie and Jobo on B-96 — seem to be talking about Brian Urlacher's text message tirade today.

I'm the guy who stumbled upon the court filing and wrote the story, so post your comments and questions here.

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Sensationalism at its best. Where was the woman's messages to him? Only posting his messages makes him seem like a nut and her like a victim. Is she sitting around all day messaging him with nonsense just to provoke him into giving her more money?

Konkol answers: I asked Tyna Robertson about the messages she sent Urlacher, but she would not provide them.
Regarding her trying to get more money out of him. I don't believe this court filing, which is a response to Urlacher's petition to hold Robertson in contempt of court, seeks more child support from the linebacker.

Urlacher may be a stud athlete, but he sure is a dummy for texting all of those things to his baby mamma, especially knowing damn well that she is the type of person to exploit those text statements. But, I guess that's why Urlacher is in the situation he's in now. I will say that it's probably inevitable that Tyna Robertson sent some dumb and/or nasty e-mails to Urlacher. But again, judging from Tyna's past history, she probably did that only to push his buttons and enticing him to enter into a feud that she was going to exploit.

Sensationalism at its best.

Posted by: Butch Brzeski | July 9, 2007 02:24 PM

That is how some of us felt when it was Tank Johnson.

Now we know why Brian was standing up for him. He is having normal issues as other individuals, but are not publicize daily like others.

I wish he had just apologized right away for sending those text's, not pretending to have forgotten all about them. It is a two way street, and until we see her text's, which i doubt we will, we should just hold judgement. And by no means am I condoning those messages, calling your son a p*** is horrible. Brian, apologize, get it over with... we still love ya!

This whole situation is ridculous Urlacher is Chicago and Mariotti should know that. His wife was a known gold digger and is now trying to get everything from Brain. That kid would be a bad ass dude if he lived with brian and probably become a great football player. Mariotti is a joke

God bless Brian Urlacher! Although he went about it the wrong way--texting instead of talking-- at least we all know what he thinks about a trifling, gold-digging woman. We can only assume that he's also said that stuff to her in person or over the phone. Robertson is just a gold-digging hizzoe that gives women a bad name.

My opinion doesn't matter. But I can't help wonder what Mary Mitchell thinks!

My opinion doesn't matter. But I can't help wonder what Mary Mitchell thinks!

Posted by: Arthur | July 13, 2007 10:00 AM

Believe it or not Arthur this was your opinion! Why do so many pick on Ms Mitchell?
The truth hurts especially when hitting a 500 ton wall driving at 60 mph while thinking there is nothing in sight.

On Monday night against the Colts, I couldn't help but notice Brian Urlacher said hello to his two girls during the game and didn't say hello to his son. Poor kid, the Cousin Oliver Syndrome strikes again!

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