Hoods quiz-- July 27

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Answer today's Hoods Quiz question correctly here, and win a Sun-Times T-shirt.

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the street was named after alderman James Otto Kostner.


the street "Kostner" is named after alderman James Otto Kostner

Kostner Ave was named after Alderman James Otto Kostner

Alderman James Otto Kostner

Alderman James Otto Kostner

james otto kostner

Your community is filthy,and dangerous so, get the hell out of here!!

I wasborn and raise and raise in the scottsdale area but six years ago i moved out. i think it getting shitter!

I lived in Scottsdale from 1994 to 2005. It started out as a great neighborhood-close to everything-like a city/suburb combined. I loved it. Gangs started coming in recent yrs. Longtime residents moved out. The people who moved in next door to me spoke no English,so we could not communicate. The son sold drugs from the basement window. So many people came and went there,I had no idea how many people lived there. Their beat up vans and cars would block my driveway. Their kids put their bikes in my driveway. Their wild parties lasted till 6am,when I was leaving for work! Kids would throw rocks at my front window. I called police,they never came! What can I do but move out? I moved out to the suburbs and got married. I grew up in Brighton Park,which was a nice neighborhood turned awful. It's a shame we have to keep moving out because of what is moving in.

James otto kostner

james otto kostner

If I am not mistaken I think the second wooden ally is located at S. Hyde Park and Cornell between 54th anf 53rd st.

I don't see the link for today's Hoods Quiz anywhere, but the second wooden alley in Chicago is runs west from Hudson Ave. near Webster.

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