Hoods quiz -- July 20

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What's the only street in Chicago that intersects with the same street twice?

The first poster with the correct answer wins a free T-shirt.

Laurin Grabowski was last weeks' winner. She knew the dancing hot dogs of Superdawg Drive-in are located in Norwood Park.

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the street is elston...it starts and ends at milwaukee

the street is elston...it starts and ends at milwaukee

the street is elston...it starts and ends at milwaukee

the answer to todays question is Elston Ave. It intersects with Milwaukee Ave.

Elston Ave. & Milwaukee Ave.

Canal Street

Canal Street

Milwaukee and elston

Milwaukee and elston

Racine intersects with 13st St twice

I hit the wrong keys Racine intersects with 31st St twice

Milwaukee Ave.

The answer is Milwaukee Avenue... It intersects Elston Avenue twice.

Sheridan Road

I believe the street that intersects another street twice is SHERIDAN ROAD. Sheridan runs N/S and crosses Broadway just north of Irving park, then Sheridan briefly runs E/W and crosses Broadway again just south of Irving Park. It's that little jog in both Sheridan and the EL that interrupts the straight north to south run.

7-20-07 qwizz answer ---- milwaukee and elston cross twice. Once
near chicago and then farther north near bryn mawr. will setlak

Milwaukee & Elston

Broadway and Sheridan

Throop Street intersects 31st street at two different location several blocks apart


elston ave intersects with milwaukss ave twice

The only street I know that intersects with the same street twice is the 8300 to 8500 block of Kimbark (south) where it intersects twice with Kenwood. This street is in the Marynook neighborhood in Avalon Park. Most of the streets in this neighborhood are not in the normal "grid" pattern found throughout Chicago. Kimbark is usually parallel with Kenwood elsewhere in the city.

elston ave intersects with milwaukee ave twice

Milwaukee and Elston Avenues (both northwest-southeast diagonals) intersect twice—at 800 north (at Fry Street, just north of Chicago Avenue) and again at 6200 north (at Melvina Street, just north of Peterson Avenue).

Sheridan Road intersects with North Broadway twice.

elston begins and ends at milwaukee ave.

it is elston ave

it is elston ave

Milwaukee and Elston Avenues

Elston and Milwaukee intersect twice!

it is elston ave

it is elston. It starts 1132 W. AT 824 N. and goes to 6214 W. at 6175 N. It hits Milwaukee twice.


Elston Avenue intersects with Milwaukee avenue twice.

It is Congress Plaza Drive at the entrace to Grant Park. It is half moon shaped street at intersects Michigan Avenue twice. It intersects it first at about Harrison St. and again at Van Buren.

The answer is Milwaukee

Chicago Ave & Grand Ave intersects twice.

Broadway & Sheridan

Broadway & Sheridan

Milwaukee and Elston

This is my weedout question for real Chicagoans. It is Elston Ave which begins at Milwaukee just north of Chicago Ave and crosses Milwaukee again near 6000 North.

broadway intersets sheridan at montrose and again at devon avenue

Sheridan Road

state and wacker

state and wacker

wacker and state

The street is 67th Street. It intersects with Marquette Road twice!

Wow. A lot of people really want a t-shirt.

Elston… with Milwaukee

Stevenson Expy (Archer) and 31st. Western (two Westerns) at Archer. Also, I would say that Milwaukee and Elston don't intersect. At its base Milwaukee dumps in but they don't actually intersect. I win.

Actually, Sheridan and Broadway intersect 3 times: once just south of Irving Park, secondly at Montrose and finally when Sheridan merges with Broadway at Devon. You can send me my t-shirt now.

Wow... Let's all hang on the edge of our seats to see of we can get that free t-shirt.

Each end of Lawrence-Wilson Drive intersects North Lakeshore Drive

the answer to the question is Lincoln.

The answer is Elston Avenue.

loewr wacker is the answer

loewr wacker is the answer

lower wacker is the answer i posted once and did not check my spelling....i want that t-shirt

the answer is lower wacker im a truck driver i know these things

the answer is lower wacker im a truck driver i know these things

Elston Avenue intersects twice with Milwaukee Avenue and vice versa.
One intersection is in my old neighborhood (not far from Superdawg) and the other intersection is roughly 800 North.

Since I didn't read the paper until late in the evening, I surmise I am not the first to post my answer.

It was fun nonetheless since I am not the greatest at trivia. :)

the street is elston...it starts and ends at milwaukee

Chicago ave & Grand ave

the street is Ogden

That would be Elson which intersects Milwaukee twice.

That would be Elston which intersects Milwaukee twice.

Princeton and Harvard. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&hl=en&geocode=&saddr=9399+s+harvard,+chicago,+il&daddr=princeton+%26+harvard,+chicago,+il&sll=41.725302,-87.630011&sspn=0.003291,0.007296&ie=UTF8&z=16&om=1
Do I get points for being the only one to come up with that one, Mark? I'll take a beer instead of a t-shirt.

What a stupid question. There must be two streets to intersect with each other.

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