Hoods quiz - July 13

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Name the neighborhood where can you find these dancing hot dogs?

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The dancing hot dogs are on top of the Superdawg Restaurant on Milwaukee Ave.

Konkol response:
But name the neighborhood.

My answer is Jefferson Park.

That would be Norwood Park at Milwaukee & Devon.

Gladstone Park

SuperDawg in in Edgebrook!

D'oh! Now that I think about it, I think Mike may be right.

My answer is Edgebrook.

Edison Park/Jefferson Park

It's definitely Norwood Park.

Peterson Park I think

It's SuperDawg on Milwaukee Avenue in the Norwood Park neighborhood. MMMMMM Chocolate Malts & neon green relish!!

superdawg drive in in chicago

The neighborhood is technically Norwood Park East:


How about a Superdawg t-shirt for a prize?

Hey Mark, what's the correct answer?

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