Has Scottsdale reached the Tipping Point?

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Today we visit the Scottsdale neighborhood, or better known as St. Bede parish, on the Southwest Side almost two weeks after a rumble at Durkin Park sparked concern of racial tension in that part of town.

I spend the day talking to folks at the park and around the neighborhood about the "changes" in Scottsdale, once a white neighborhood that has become diverse with a healthy mix of whites, black and Hispanics.

When neighbors who I talked to spoke frankly about racial concerns in the neighborhood, they said that they aren't sure if recent fight, which sent one teenager to the hospital, was racially motivated. But all the talk about the possibility that race was a factor, struck a nerve with many folks, especially blacks and Hispanics who moved into the 60652 zip code in recent years.

What's your take on the state of Scottsdale?

Let your voice be heard here.

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I grew up across 87th St a block away from that part of the city and went to the daycamp at Durkin Park for a few summers, and have gone with my friends to play football in the park and cool off in the water fountain they have in the years since. The movement into the neighborhood of non-whites has changed neighborhood a bit, but its been a slow and pretty quiet process. Its still a good and safe neighborhood, and the people that have moved in are all home buyers, so they also care about the neighborhood. I dont think race is much of a factor, but a sticking point is that the older residents dont want the neighborhood to change in the ways that closeby areas to the East & Northeast of them have in recent years. Those once friendly and clean areas are now gettng run down and are attracting a negative element, and that area is mostly single family homes as well. Its more of a cautionary thing in the back of people's minds than a major issue causing neighborhood tension. Its a strange part of town. Its the edge of the city, and the residents dont want to be "pushed" by blight into the suburbs. These are people who bought homes on the edge of the city and didnt partake in the white flight of the 50's, 60's, and 70's to the suburbs. Change is inevitable and expected, but this "rumble" has put people on edge. When the neighborhood was all white, fights and crime still occurred, but it didnt spark a neighborhood controversy. Maybe its the media's fault for playing the issue up, but its just something that didnt happen before until these new residents came to the area, and its concerning. People never even heard of Scottsdale or Durkin Park until this happened.

Scottsdale used to be a great neighborhood...the "Golden Mile" between 79th and 87th. But, now, its no better than any other neighborhood in Chicago. We left 5 years ago when the seeds of change started. Minorites need to realize something in our modern society...it's not color...it's conduct.

Thank God for city workers, otherwise, they might as well change its name to Little Englewood.

I think what's going on - the demolition of the CHA projects, and gentrification of areas like Pilsen, and African-Americans moving out of traditionally black neighborhoods in Chicago - are playing a role in racial change not only in Scottsdale/Ashburn - but all across the Southland. Take a look at Country Club Hills, Hazel Crest, Richton Park, Calumet City, and Lynwood - all have become majority black suburbs in the past ten years while whites are moving far out to Beecher, Bradley, and Manhattan.

And as soon as the neighborhoods change, the upkeep goes down and the programs get cut out. I read last week that a kid died in a closed pool in Hazel Crest, and residents complained that the village has no community programs or recreation for its residents - especially for kids. Would this have happened twenty years ago when the village was majority white?

I guess there aren't that many community programs for the kids in Scottsdale/Ashburn. So what do they do? They hang out in the park and get into trouble.

Today's article I read seemed like one out of 1972, when areas between Ashland and Western between Garfield Blvd. and 87th were changing - and fast.

It seems the more things change in the Chicagoland area - particularly in the Southland - the more they stay the same.

If it now has a "healthy" racial mix, why are they fighting?

I agree with bob, it's conduct not color. I live in a neighborhood that has seen an increase in Mexicans over the past 5 years. Prior to that, no gang symbols on garages. Now, gang symbols on garages. It doesn't take a genius to make the connection. I'm not sure what the answer is, but, in the meantime, it's my prerogative to leave while my property still has value and my kids are too young to be lured into a life on the street. I can't risk the future of my family to be a pioneer. My parents would have kicked my behind if I had any appearance of being with the wrong crowd as a kid. Discipline begins at home. Parents need to step up to the plate and take back control of their children.

I live in Ashburn and moved there from South Shore to get away from the "ghetto" mentality of the people moving into the neighborhood.

Now, they are moving to Ashburn and bringing their conduct with them. I have noticed there is a proliferation of nail salons, dollar stores, and fast food restaurants. In addition, we have begun to see the drug dealing and loitering on the corners. This is across all racial lines - whites, blacks, hispanics, and arabs. The police say the district is too large for efficient police patrol. My next move is Beverly.

I moved to Scottsdale six years ago and was very proud of the well-kept houses, perfectly manicured lawns and quiet streets. Sadly, this beautiful neighborhood is blanketed with the ugliness of bigotry and racism. Although, I am a professional, educated middle-class African-American, I am not protected from the piercing darts of prejudice. To be fair, the majority of my neighbors have treated me with the utmost respect but there have been exceptions. In 2002, it came to my attention that my children were being taunted with racist names and culturally insensitive comments at Durkin Park. After an exchange of nasty comments between the youngsters, a brawl ensued. As parents who are against any form or degree of violence, we did not allow our children to go to the park unless accompanied by an adult.(Already teenagers, that cramped their style so they stopped going altogether.) We must be careful about what we instill in children. Some adults encourage their children to fight especially when "fighting words" seep through the mouths of those from different persuasions. Youngsters don't always have the mental capacity to discern when words could lead to a bloody melee and innocent victims are left to suffer. My children are taught to respect, embrace and represent diversity. One of them won an essay contest on diversity where she wrote, "respect and understanding for other cultures garners respect and understanding for ones own culture." Oprah and Micheal are not the only decent minorities in this country. I was told this week by a well-meaning Caucasian friend that "We are going over to _________ (a neighborhood pub). I'm sorry honey, you can't go. They won't let you in there." I can cite other instances where racism has stared me down in Scottsdale but I don't want to rehash the pangs of humiliation associated with them. Come on folks, be reasonable. Anyone who pays $250,000 + for a home knows that it ain't about race, it's about class. Just like you don't want to be associated with characters from the Jerry Springer show, gangsta rappers and others who promote anti-social behaviors. I don't either. Most decent people don't.

I do not even know where to start. I was 9 years old when in 1962 my parents moved us from Grand Crossing to the 8300 block of Tripp. My dad was a city worker. My older brother and I spent the better part of our lives at then Crerar Park (now Durkin Park). In the early 90's after my brother and I grew up and moved out, so did my folks in order to downsize. Ironically, I married a Chicago Police officer and found myself down the street from where I grew up. The parents of my classmates died and a many moved to downsize. There are so many factors causing the decline and yes, I do believe the neighborhood has gone downhill due to cultural and socioeconimic factors as well as the loss of many viable businesses. And, please, show me where minorities (I know I am going to take heat for this comment) have added value to a neighborhood other than Beverly, which is out of price for anyone. Look at Englewood, Grand Crossing, Lawndale. Hell, you cannot even get police service in Mt. Greenwood, Clearing or St. Bede's as the majority of police respond to calls south of 79th Street. The 8th district is so huge and there are not enough police to answer calls. Notice I did not say African-American or Hispanic. Caucasions are now living on the fringes. If King Richard ever lifts the residency requirement, and he won't, you will see white flight as you never imagined. Then what??? I guarentee all the gun turn-ins and protests by Fr. Phleger and Jesse will not prevent violent crimes and murders. By the way, where is Father Phleger and Jesse on the Durkin Park mele? The bad guys have guns, not 80 year old people with B.B. guns. Not enough cameras?
I worked 30 years, have paid my taxes and have supported people on welfare and SSI and I would like to feel safe, so if that makes me racist, I don't know what to say. I guess I'm from the old school where you kick ass and take names later. Keep suing the police and then see what type of service you'll get. I feel very sorry for the law enforcement people knowing that citizens will take away your thankless job at the drop of a hat.
And cameras, PLEASE!! Let's drive the criminals and drug dealers into side streets.
Is this a rant? You bet? And, you asked for our opinions.

I grew up on 84th and Kenneth and lived there for 27 years. When I left there was virtually no crime in that area and it was beautiful neighborhood. My mother still lives there and since the neighborhood started becoming more "diversified" the crime has just continued to escalate. There is graffiti on garages and I have also noticed there are obvious illegal immigration houses. Have the police look at the houses. I noticed one house on Kenneth that has at least 10 to 12 people living in it. Every time they have parties (which is often), graffiti is on garages again. I saw your crime/demographic statistics in the paper and they tell you absolutely nothing. Run the same statistics from say 1978 and now and you will get the true picture. The residents there just do not want the crap in their neighborhood. You want to call that racist? Run the statistic and let the numbers do the talking.

I think the Scottsdale area will eventually become another ghetto.Look at 79th street west of Western Ave and and Western avenue itself. It looks bad.
I am black too but know that when blacks move in an area even though they may be able to afford to purchase a home. The mothers do not seem to discipline their children. The children act so ignorant with no manners or respect for anyone especially on the cta buses.

I totally blame the parents for having these babies and not instilling a sense of pride in their children
I feel the parents are as ghetto acting as well or feel they "can't do anything with the kids" after they reach a certain age which is dumb thinking.

It makes us look bad as blacks and is an embarrassment to our race. I don't blame the whites for moving out one bit. If your neighborhood has been nice all those years and starts having problems with the new neighbors I would leave as well. The ignorant loud behavior would be enough to make me move too!!!!

look at every neighborhood that was once white and is now black and hispanic! they went from beautiful areas to disgusting slums in a matter of a decade. the same will happen there too because black families let their kids run wild on the streets with no parenting whatsoever. graffiti is the 1st, then the hanging out in the park until 7am and then finally homes get broken into and people start getting killed by aimless gunslingers! it happens to every single neiborhood that blacks move into. this is a fact

What happen at the fight at the park I missied it can you please email me the fight. Thank you

I am certain that my mother paid more for our house than you paid for yours considering that you've lived here your whole life and we have only lived here a few years. Why would anyone paying top dollar to live in a better neighborhood contribute to the depreciation of its value? (My uncle bought a house for $29,000 the year that Dr. Martin Luther King was killed on the West side. Now the house is worth well over $250,000.00) Now, who gets the last laugh? It is my understanding that whites practically gave away their property during the White flight of the 1960's. Nobody is giving away jack this millenium. I am a young black girl who is probably smarter and prettier than your daughter. Why would I allow my friends to come into my neighborhood and bring it down?
Anyone who believes that segregation is necessary to keep a neighborhood safe and clean is a freakin bigot moron. Segregation is the reason why people do not know how to get along with those who are not like them. It is the reason why people can not accept others differences and then let those differences lead to physical and verbal altercations. If people who are still stuck in the sixties can't get with the program they can move out! (You can run but you can't hide.)Ha! Ha! God bless your spirit. Let's live together peacefully in this great NATION OF IMMIGRANTS.

I have lived in the Scottsdale area since 1961. I have seen many changes in our area. Regentrifcation is one way of saying it. When we were young our parents strived to give us a better life than they had. the were raised in the old neighborhoods that grew out of the original city. If you read the history of Chicago you know that each section of the city was represnted by people of certain nationaities. When their children married they often married out of their heritage and thus sought new places to live to raise their families in a different atmosphere it would become more open to different nationalities. Here in the area you call Scottsdale ( of which Scottsdale is only one section out four that make up the entire area bounded by Pulaski on the east Cicero on the west 77th on the north and 87th on the south and is only part of zip code 60652 that goes to at least Western)It became a melting pot of all people of all nations that grew out of the men and women after the 2nd World War. The last house was built in the early 60`s. Although it is true that in later years a lot of people bought because of white flight. On my block when I first moved here their were 120 Kids of all nationalities living ,playing going to school together andyespraying together. We had Roman Catholic Church a Synagogue Lutheren and Methodist
The first to go was the Synagogue because the most of the people of the Jewish faith moved to the north side. The other churches are still here.Once again as the children grew and married they moved aff to more fancier and bigger homes doing what their parents taught them to better their lives and give their children more than they had. My wife and I raised 5 children 4 boys and one girl in a three bedroom home with no basement. My children all bought houses twice the size of mine and have fewer children. Next came downsizing for some of the families and yet a large percentage still live here.We have had hispanic families in our parish for over 40 years. The neighborhood has changed dramaticaly in the past few years. Where we were nationality diverse we now are culturely diverse. We are truly a league of nations. I would venture to say their are very few countries not represnted in our area. You talk about the Hispanics and Afro americns but you never mention the Arabic population. None of the people in our neighborhood started the troubles in here. It was outsiders trying to chase our kids out of our parks.It was outsiders that beatup on Richie Valdez( Spanish surname but mostly Irish & German) I have had the pleasure of having him for a neighbor all his life.It was an 11year old boy from Mississippi that decided to run his sisters car over a group on non Afro Americans in the park. As the lady said she moved from west Lawndale to get away from the gangs well we do not want them either.I invite you and Mary Mitchell to join me an a fact finding mission through our neighborhood. There is a bus available called the Care Bus that will drive you around and show you what we are trying to keep together for all people of all nations and creed and color for young and old I will gladly introduce you to some of are residents of all nations creeds and colors and then you can find out what is so great to stand up and fight for.

Does anyone remember driving by Bogan and seeing well over 100 Chinese - Americans waiting to hop on the Northbound Pulaski bus going home. Bogan was one of the newest and BEST HS's in the city.

Now Check it out

My husband and I grew up in the Scottsdale area and have owned a home here for 25 years. We are not employed by the city of Chicago but have chosen to stay here because we feel that there is more to life and raising children than shopping malls. I do not feel unsafe in my neighborhood. The racial mix of the area has changed. Some people chose to move to the suburbs or different areas of the city and others are comfortable. I really feel that part of the problem in this area is not between our residents of different races, but related to youths from outside our neighborhood or relatives and friends of residents. I would be willing to bet that the young men who almost beat Richard Valdez to death in the park on 7/14 were not even residents of our area. The young man who drove the car through the crowd of people that night was also visiting from another state.
The media seems to love to fan the flames when racial issues arise. They automatically make assumptions without being a residents from our neighborhood. I also found the realtor information at the bottom of the web page article interesting. Those realtors are no better than the "blockbusters" of the 60s.
I urge residents not to leave based on the 7/14 incident.The police, 911 dispatch and our alderwoman are all working very hard to keep our area a good place to live.

First of all, most of us that grew up in the neighborhood (1959-1985 myself) call it "St. Bede Parish".
The neighborhood broken up into areas designated by the Parks & Schools:
Durkin Park: Had Crerar School K-6 and the "Durkin Boys"
Scottsdale Park: No School but had the "SBA" (Scottsdale Brotherhood Association)
Hancock Park: Hancock School K-6 and the "Ma-Beefy Boys"
Stevenson School and St Bede School: K-8 All 3 "Parks" fed into these 2 schools for 7th & 8th grade where all of the " " would have to live together during the day, but then go to hang at their parks at night.
Most of the Kids in the neighborhood went on to high school either to Bogan or St. Lawrence and Queen of Peace.

When I was younger, the Durkin Park area was still prairie and we would build forts and catch garden snakes and frogs. We would go into the new houses being built to get the knock outs from the electrical boxes so we could go to someones basements or garage and grind them down so they would fit into the vending machines at Goldblatts for candy and pop!
As a youg lad of 7, I remember the gang fights between the Durkin Boys and the SBA. As I grew older, the turf wars between the parks fell apart. There never really was any fear so to speak of walking anywhere in the Parish and what seemed like turf war areas when I was in my younger years. As I got older, the guys seemed to blend and the gangs seemed to blend together. Maybe that was due to some kind of integration when all of the kids had to go to 1 of 2 schools together in 7th & 8th grade.

Sports brought many people together. whether it was the Scottsdale Pee-Wee League where if you won 3 games in a row your team was invited to go swimming and have a pool party at "Imperial Gardens" (most of us didn't have pools & it was a great gimmick to get our parents to buy one!), and if you wanted to go on to play at a higher level than Pee-Wee Baseball, you had to go play at Durkin Park. This brought the entire neiborhood together! Football also was a big sport at St. Bede that brought the neighborhood together as the team would play other Parishes in the Southwest Catholic Conference.

Many people that grew up in the Parish would have the same memories and then some! It was a time of going out early in the morning on a hot summer day and not going home until dinner time! Moving from street to street and park to park to get a game up of any sort we wanted without parents interfering or worrying if we are alright.

Some of the people that grew up during my time in the Parish are still there. They are a part of the neighborhood and have strong bonds. I am not far away from St. Bede today and I feel the pain of the neigborhood changes. Nothing could ever go back to the way it was! We will always have our memories!

My family and I moved to Scottsdale 3 years ago. My wife and I are college graduates and both work in professional positions downtown. I am in finance and my wife is in education. We have a 2 year old son. Oh yeah, and we are African American.
We chose to come to Scottsdale because we had both grown up in integrated communities in our home state of Michigan and want our children to experience the positives that come with that. Prior to moving to Scottsdale, we lived in Hyde Park while my wife completed her graduate degree at University of Chicago.
When we first moved to Chicago, we were blown away at the segregation in this city. Being a large cosmopolitan area with so much to offer, it seems stuck in the 60s with respect to race relations. The races don't talk to each other and do not trust each other. I have read the history of this city and understand where that comes from, but we need to move forward.
The incident that occured at Durkin Park was most unfortunate. Do you think that I, after dropping close to 300 thou. on my house, wants friggin' gangs patrolling my neightborhood and causing trouble?! Heck no!, and I am not going to allow it. I'm not going to tuck tail and run either. The thing is, it was not a fight between residents of the neighborhood of different colors. The other party was from outside the neighborhood. The fact that the other group was black has given people holding racist inclinations a rallying flag such as "oh, see what's happening to the neightborhood." Frankly, I thought southside whites were tougher than this. I always respected that pride they had over here (Sox Side Irish and all that). Now, I see scared people whom are ready to run instead of working with the minorities in the community, like myself, who will work with you-or without you if you tuck tail and run off-to keep this neighborhood a great place to live and raise a family.
In addition, to the black woman in the paper whom said she thinks that maybe she should have stayed with her own in North Lawndale because whe doesn't feel welcome here- go back! Why do papers have to find the most sensational characters and feature tham as voices of the people?
I have never felt "unwanted" here and if someone looks at me and doesn't speak or whatever, my first inclination is not that they are racist...and if they are, so what?
Oh, by the way, I hope that you can tell that a couple of the other posts that were supposedly written by blacks are not.
In the end, I hope that the people of Scottsdale react in a way more in line of 2007 and work together to keep Scottsdale a great neighborhood. I look forward to standing with those who realize that nothing has to change, and that the arrival of different people does not mean than the area is in a downward spiral.
I'll see you guys at the Association meetings!

Judging by the comments I've read here, Chicago is on the way to becoming another Detroit or St. Louis. Forget the 2016 Olympics - the IOC will look at this and see another Atlanta. Should we rename Cicero Ave. 8 Mile Road?

scottsdale must be getting better look their building a Lowes on 79th & cicero!!!

I have lived in scotsdale for 20 years now on 79th and Kenneth, I have family and life long friends who lives here in Scotsdale with me. I went to St. Bede, hung out at Durkin, my family is very active in our parish. When I heard of this Durkin incident the first thing that popped up in my mind was this is sickening, but what was more disgusting was the authors take on our neighborhood. You probably talked to what like twenty people, why didnt you come to the town hall meeting where we stood united or where were you when our pastor stole more than a million dollars from us and where did we stand, we stood united. People here are not racist sir, and for you to call us a white flight I find you ignorant. I am not moving nor do I plan to. The reason people are moving out is because they're property rates are going down,our neighbors are getting evicted from their houses, like they are all about the country. I love this neighborhood, I remember the days where I could walk around with no fear, but since these last five summers when my friends were shot at by a mexican gang while going to eat, or jumped by a black gang walking their dog, or given looks by a white gang and then having their cars broken into or having a gun put to their head, or looking at our schools with grafitti or phone lines with shoes hanging from them or businesses closing and staying closed, ALL people are fearful and they should be. Gangs are a very serious thing around here, and more and more are coming in our neighborhood and breaking it down by setting their territorys. Having these gangs make us change our outlook on things, and the fingers start pointing to the "problem", because of these gangs, innocent people are blamed instead of the problem of the gangs being fought of our neighborhood. I couldnt tell you how many times I have called the police to report a problem like a shooting, a fight, a gang inition, drugs being sold, and so on, do I ever see them, no. I used to be a dispatcher I know what is supposed to happen, I know the process of these officers. But its hilarious look at them here now, setting up nonsense cameras to do their job. They are here when all hope is lost in peoples eyes and this was the last straw for them. You dont know half the things that happen in this neighborhood, you think that this is the only thing that happened and the white people are the racists. Half the terrible things that happen here have never been reported, if they tried reporting them they fell asleep waiting for the cops to arrive, so we have taken matters into our own hands know, that goes for all races. Your wrong, we "whites" are the minority now and we want to get out of this neighborhood just like my arabic friends or hispanic friends have moved to Oak Lawn or Palos because they dont want to raise their family in this neighborhood of gangs. I dont mind having Hispanic neighbors or african american neighbors, I have them and have no problem with them, I have always been told that this town is a melting pot, we are and Im proud of that, that is the idea of America. Im going to keep calling the cops, going to keep helping out my neighbors no matter what color they are, like my city worker father has shown me to do, Im not moving, hopefully the cops will come by Stevenson school and do what they are trying to do at Durkin, hopefully they will actually come. Hopefully you think before you write about our neighborhood and your prejudice thought of whites in this neighborhood.
Sincerly 'White Female Jackie'.

not from Scottsdale, BUT lets review > there was a brawl, some got hurt seriously.
As "Shanaiqua" said > "none of us from this neighbhorhood started the trouble - - -
Most of the posts from blacks who LIVE in Scottsdale were GREAT. Most of the posts from whites were honest & real.
As the black gentlemen who with his family moved here from Michigan implied ; he wants his house, children, neighborhood to live in security and peace.
Whites who don't want 'change' are referring to living in peace without the influx of homocidial drug pushing gangs.
The lady from Lawndale complains that she get's some 'looks' and thinks it's 'racism'. Hmmm, ok, well Miss Lawndale allow me to show you what it feels like from the white perspective. In your case > you as a black woman, this is 2007 and no group of whites is going to assault you, car jack you, or jump you. For the most part, though there is exceptions, in 2007 in Chicago, whites do NOT rob or assault blacks. So you got looked at, so boo hoo.
So these white people who gave you that 'look', it is not intended as a threat, but it is FEAR. Not of you specifically but of change to a previously gang free and violence free secure neighborhood.
Let me ask the black lady from Lawndale, what do you look like when you walk down the street ? Are you dressed up going to church or the office ? Are you dressed in a jogging suit for working out ? As such MOST whites would RESPECT you NOT because of color but because of what your about > a legitmate life !
But if your walking with a couple dudes in oversize white t-shirts and pants, tatoo's, do-rags, talking LOUD, profanity, and tossing the empty fast food bag on the street littering, then YES, YOU CAN EXPECT hard working law abiding white and black homeowners to NOT want that 'element' around.
Whites have been labeled as THE racists in America for the last 30 yrs.
Most of us WHITES are not racist, most of us LIKE most of you.
But most of us middle age working whites HATE the sub culture of the thug dominated 'ghetto' scene. And if the participants of that 'scene' happen to be black, then want them OUT !
Concerning the black guy from Michigan, I'd love to have him as a nieghbor.
Me thinks the black and white working family men of the Scottsdale neighborhood out to form a group of about 50 guys to regularly patrol the park and to CONFRONT anyone who is drinking in the park, being LOUD & PROFANE, and dressing as possible gang bangers.
Heck, why should it be just men ? Imagine a group of about 100 middle aged black and white men and women homeowners confronting a group of invading punk gangbangers and chasing their pathetic miserable punks back to where they came from.

Your article lacked thorough research regarding the "White Flight" of the Durkin/Scottsdale/St. Bede Neighborhood! We are survivors. We've survived the theft of $1,200,000 by our trusted former pastor which resulted in many people moving out of the neighborhood. After the city buyout many city workers retired and moved to the suburbs. Our seniors are passing on resulting in the sale of homes in this area. We are experiencing the ramifications of predatory lendors who issued loans to people who clearly couldn't afford them. Yes, we are becoming an integrated neighborhood. We are still city workers who have to reside in the city of Chicago. We've invested in our homes and neighborhood. We love St. Bede School and Parish, our parks, neighbors, and neighborhood. Now if we could just acknowledge the Durkin Park incident for what it really was - a hate crime- like the Beverly Park incident, decrease the size of the 8th District, so our Police force isn't spread so thin that it makes response time negligent, and stop reporters like you from labeling our neighborhood as a "WHITE FLIGHT" neighborhood maybe we can all exist peacefully and respectively of one another making St. Bede one of the most sought after communities to reside in once again.
Tammey Ryan, white female, 20 year resident St. Bede

We moved into this neighborhood A year and a half ago. I've noticed
that a bunch of kids are hanging around neighborhood streets without
concern of the property they step on. Now, police know who these kids are, but yet they don't do much about it. I see kids dealing in front of my house I call the police and they don't show up.What good is it, if you report the crime and they ignore you. Instead they go to have coffee at the closest coffee shop.When you tell the police something about it they get angry at you. So you see it's got nothing to do with race, it's how you race your children,because when a black person stares at you the same black person doesn't like it when you stare at him too.Why is that? A Mexican is the same way.Mexicans do a lot of gang signs but they don't like it when somebody else does it to them.Why is that?White
people do the same thing. When they talk to you they sound all nice and you turn around and they stick a knife on your back. Not that every Mexican,black,or white person are the same, but these are perfect examples of people being raised without parent supervision. While all this mix of people are on the streets, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?So you see I am Mexican myself and I am very disappointed that my own race can educate our children so that they respect other people regardless of race or religion. One thing is for sure, if the police don't help the neighborhood will change fast because these kids who moved into the neighborhood brought their bad manners.Why do you think they moved into this neighborhood? Because they were afraid of being killed where they lived before because people over there couldn't stand them.They caused so much trouble they figured the easy way out is to get away from the problems they caused. IT'S ALL ABOUT TEACHING THESE

First, I would like to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to the innocent victims and their families regarding the incident that recently occurred in Durkin Park. Please allow me to address the bloggers with a few comments and questions. Thanks for your patience.

Bob- thanks for admitting that crimes did occur in Scottsdale but they didn't spark a controversy. Was it because the community was more of a family who did not air dirty laundry?

T Dog- When minorities are urged to conduct themselves, does that mean that members from other cultures act appropriately at all times?

Arlene- Now how much money will it take for you to move to Beverly? Has it ever occurred to you that you are not the only one who can move to Beverly? You might not be welcomed in Beverly.

Shaniqua- Is your uncle who is making all of that money on the west side as a result of White flight in the 1960's foot loose and fancy free, between the ages of 35-65, gainfully employed, and handsome? If so, can you hook us up? Never mind, I know he's already taken.

Stay or go- Get the hell out. You are not wanted here!!!

Toni- I agree with King Richard. If the revenue from the city is good enough to house, feed, cloth, and educate your family, then you are not too good to live, eat, dress and go to school in this city. When you make your move, the melting pot of city workers will be there for your indulgence cause you are not the only one who opposes the King.

Lrybinski- Now, Scottsdale is not improving because of the new Lowes on 79th and Cicero. It is improving because I'm here.

datc19- I wonder what the American Indians take on illegal immigration. They are the least populated people in the world since Columbus' arrival and discovery.

Isis- Are you an African American imposter that C.W was referring to or does your daddy have a brother named Tom?

Pat Schultz- You are really a smart guy!!! You figured it all out. Didn't see the realtors' advertisement on the blogs' page. What a cheap under-handed way to get my nice, respectable, hard-working neighbors to run like Forest Gump. Run Forest Run.

Hank- Thanks for sharing your wonderful childhood memories. I could appreciate a good neighbor with interesting stories over a cup of tea on a hot summers' day.

C.W. Thanks for sharing. You and your wife sound like wonderful people. Who do you think the African-American imposters are? I think Isis is one?

Jackie- Don't go rattin' on the overworked, underpaid cops. They are doing the best that they can-fighting crimes against those who have more ammonition than they do. Keep calling and fighting for what you know is right.

David Maxwell- Now let's not talk about what whites have not done to blacks because that's a big can of worms.Check out the Sex Offenders' website. Criminals come in all sizes, colors and shapes so don't act like I shouldn't run like hell if I met one on a deserted street 'cause I will much rather be robbed and carjacked than raped. Look at some of your pictures when you were a teenager. I bet you dressed like a damn fool. Lighten up on appearances. They can be deceptive. I often see youngsters who dress in Gothic style, hip hop style and have a lot of body piercing.That doesn't say to me that they're evil. It says that these young people are trying to find their way in life. No one should be judged on appearance and race. We don't choose our race. If they are too loud, they might quiet down if you politely to ask them to do so. They want and need guidance. Smile and say hello the next time you see a black passing by your house and see if you get a positive response.

Tammey Ryan- What happened to the priest that ripped off St. Bede? I spent a lot of money supporting the annual carnival and was quite pissed off when it didn't happen this year.

Anonymous- Right on. Respect starts at home. Respect for Minorities. Respect for life. Respect for property. Reciprocal respect.

Rick- I have not seen 100 Chinese people in front of Bogan but I have seen many Chinese people excel in math and science. To the contrary, an Asian boy committed a massacre upon innocent students with promising futures at Virginia Tech. So what is your point exactly?

Tom Donegan- Thanks for you credible and enlightening account of Scottsdale's history.

Dexter Stogall- Are you living in the Stone Age? Don't you have access to television, radio or the internet?

D. Robinson- Thanks for being a real parent and squashing the problem before it got out of hand.

Lady D - You didn't read my posts correctly. Where did I address the conducts of minorities? Don't take my comments out of context. And yes I am black and live in Marynook (near Avalon Park.)- which last time I checked isn't a ghetto. I call it as I see it, not like other humanoids around here who want to sugar coat everything and succumb to mindless rah-rah boosterism.

By the way, does anybody take what this paper says seriously? Look at who the top sports writer is, an arrogant jerk. I don't need to say anything more.

T Dog - I apologize. I was having a couple of beers Saturday night and should have addressed Mr. Congeniality, Darth Scott regarding conduct and minorities. He seemed to suggest that minorities don't know how to conduct themselves. yeah some of us don't but many do. You simply stated facts as you see them and I apologize.

Are you suggesting that people can move straight from the projects into homes that are well over $250,000? Help me with that one.

Lady D.-------- Please do not tell me about the police and them trying hard. Yes they are underpaid, way underpaid, but that shouldnt stop them from trying to do their job. I may talk about five years ago but I can refer to this year, last month, where the police were no where to be found, not one cop car in the neighborhood patrolling, not one, I almost forgot what Chicago cop cars looked like until I saw one once in a blue moon. I grew up in a family whose members consist of city workers, whether its fire, streets and san, engineers or police. I am upset with them right now, I have been for a while because you can tell in their faces when they decide to arrive that they want to get out of there as fast as possible. I agree there might be more crime out there to fight but that doesnt mean that I should be ignored or treated like an idiot. I back them up a hundred percent when it comes to them trying to do their job, but when they sit around and watch all the things that go on in this neighborhood or they decide they dont want to come to peoples houses to take a report, or dispatchers waiting TWENTY SIX minutes to call in disturbance, because maybe they think it isnt a big deal PISSES ME OFF. Minor reports can turn into so many different things I have seen it happen with my experience for working with the police force or living in my neighborhood, by the way where do you live?? Back to the subject, I am not saying all police do not do their job, the police assigned to the 8th district police just need to clean up their acts and get their priorties straight until they split up the 8th district, like they should have done and spoke about doing before but they waited till something like this happens to poor innocent kids who are just fighting to stay alive. I will keep beleiving and backing up CPD but they need to give me what they 'guarentee'...TO SERVE AND PROTECT. And I will keep calling them until Im blue in the face. You can judge my and others outlooks on this situation but I wont shut up any longer, Im sick of being let down by people who are supposed to be leaders in my community.

Jackie - I live in Scottsdale. When accident happens and no one is seriously injured, people have to go to the police department and file reports. That suggests to me that more manpower is needed. Chicago is known for many summer activities where a great number of officers are assigned. It is my guess that these officers are taken away from their regular assignments. Anyway, there are a lot of serious problems that need to be addressed.

In Thursday's Southwest News-Herald, Commander of the 8th District, Leo Schmitz, was quoted as saying, "There is no shortage of officers here." Does he monitor the logs during afternoons and midnights? The last two weekends there has been a 100-140 jobs pending!!!!!! That means when a citizen calls 911, they prioritize the call. If we call about gangs members walking around the park it could 4-5 hours before they respond. The police want to respond to calls, but when they have 140 jobs pending how can they do their job? I don't know if the Commander is unaware of this backlog of jobs or is being told to say we have enough police by downtown, but either way, START FIGHTING FOR THE 8TH DISTRICT CITIZENS AND MORE POLICE!!!


I was told this week by a well-meaning Caucasian friend that "We are going over to _________ (a neighborhood pub). I'm sorry honey, you can't go. They won't let you in there." I can cite other instances where racism has stared me down in Scottsdale but I don't want to rehash the pangs of humiliation associated with them. Come on folks, be reasonable. Anyone who pays $250,000 + for a home knows that it ain't about race, it's about class.

Posted by: D. Robinson | July 27, 2007 11:29 AM

If this is not the classic Negro accepting White Racism with a cherry on top! “Oh no honey, we will let one or two of you buy our over-priced inflated homes because you now live next door to whites, BUT YOUR BLACK ASS STILL CANNOT COME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD PUB!” And proudly state other incidents of racism, but mock it with classism. Did the white folks let you graduate from one of their fine institutions of white-wash learning? And your belligerence ignorance IQ to other Black people allows you to think it is class and not race? When white folks do a job on you, it is a good one and you accepted it with glee at that! I be damn! Pleading to white folks, stop them Negroes, I gonna run when you run!...Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!


I worked 30 years, have paid my taxes and have supported people on welfare and SSI and I
would like to feel safe, so if that makes me racist, I don't know what to say. I guess
I'm from the old school where you kick ass and take names later.

Posted by: Toni Bresnahan | July 27, 2007 11:54 AM

Are these people White or Black that you have supported for 30 years of welfare and SSI payments? Go take a look at any statistics for the life-span of Black Americans and you will notice they do not live long enough to receive SSI proportionally as White Americans (Any Stats will verify this). So this must be the white population you are talking about receiving this Golden Nugget. And Whites receive a larger porportion of welfare than any other ethnic group in American!

More on SSI

Lifetime Social Security benefits depend, in large part, on longevity," writes the Cato Institute's Michael Tanner in his briefing paper "Disparate Impact: Social Security and African Americans." "At every age, African-American men and women both have shorter life expectancies than do their white counterparts. As a result, a black man or woman earning exactly the same lifetime wages (which most do not because of discriminatory practices in the work place) and paying exactly the same lifetime Social Security taxes, as his or her white counterpart will receive a far lower rate of return.

So why the racist whine that you pay taxes; Hell I pay taxes and may never receive it and it has nothing to do with living in a Black Community. It has to do with living in Racist America where opportunity of equality and distribution of equitable wealth to all her citizens is unheard of as George Bush states he will pull the troops out of Iraq!
Since social security is essentially a welfare system funded by
current workers, rather than insurance, whites are collecting far
more in "welfare" overall than any damn body in America! So what is your freaking gripe?


It makes us look bad as blacks and is an embarrassment to our race. I don't blame the whites for moving out one bit. If your neighborhood has been nice all those years and starts having problems with the new neighbors I would leave as well. The ignorant loud behavior would be enough to make me move too!!!!
Posted by: Isis | July 27, 2007 04:20 PM

Ms Isis you are another individual who will run to the white people on your knees pleading with them to save you instead of standing up and saving yourself; all while denigrating the very people they do not like either. No darling YOU LOOK BAD and are the poster child of EMBARRASSMENT for Black People!! Just go live with whites; you do not have to talk about Black people negatively. Just move over there with them!

Anyone who believes that segregation is necessary to keep a neighborhood safe and clean is a freakin bigot moron. Segregation is the reason why people do not know how to get along with those who are not like them.

Posted by: shaniqua "nay-nay" brown (a stereotypical black girl name) | July 27, 2007 07:52 PM

Thank you Ms. Shaniqua and you are not stereotypical either, just other people with bigoted ideas of others. Thank you so much Nay-Nay! As though they don’t have some never-be-able-to-pronounce-names, so let me make it as American as possible, by dropping letters! Hell, if it is not Sitting-Flower, than it is not Native American knuckleheads!!

My husband and I grew up in the Scottsdale area and have owned a home here for 25 years. We are not employed by the city of Chicago but have chosen to stay here because we feel that there is more to life and raising children than shopping malls. I do not feel unsafe in my neighborhood. The racial mix of the area has changed.

Posted by: C.W. | July 28, 2007 11:04 AM

After the city buyout many city workers retired and moved to the suburbs. Our seniors are passing on resulting in the sale of homes in this area. We are experiencing the ramifications of predatory lendors who issued loans to people who clearly couldn't afford them. Yes, we are becoming an integrated neighborhood. We are still city workers who have to reside in the city of Chicago.
Stop reporters like you from labeling our neighborhood as a "WHITE FLIGHT"
Posted by: tammey | July 28, 2007 04:13 PM

Notice Mark, majority of the Whites keep stating how they work for the city of Chicago, but are one step away from a surrounding suburb which is mostly white, where they really would like to live and practice 21st century segregation. And they do NOT LIKE the word Racist as the words White Flight! It is what it is, so why call it something else?


Posted by: Lady D | July 29, 2007 12:50 AM
Re-read Lady D’s post; I do not agree with a lot she states, but there are some truth in her words.

I almost forgot what Chicago cop cars looked like until I saw one once in a blue moon. I am upset with them right now, I have been for a while because you can tell in their faces when they decide to arrive that they want to get out of there as fast as possible.
I grew up in a family whose members consist of city workers, whether its fire, streets and san, engineers or police.
Posted by: Jackie | July 30, 2007 12:34 AM

Now you know how the less fortunate feels who still get up every day and go to work and TRY AS HARD as possible to make it in this society when knowing the scales of justice, civility of police powers shoot down Black men and arrest them for crimes NOT committed.

Take a look at the 200 or more death row cases which have been overturned for Black men who have been found innocent, but still guilty by a court of public of opinion by reading this trash - and try to figure out, how in the hell 13% of the population is more than 60% of this number? I will never understand the numbers especially when Whites make up 67% of the population, but they are not jailed at the same rate as BLACK MEN!

I grew up in a family whose members consist of city workers, whether its fire, streets and san, engineers or police.

Posted by: Jackie | July 30, 2007 12:34 AM

At least your family members finagle a CITY job which they were probably not qualified for except white skin. Now imagine my family never having a city job, still applied every month, but went to their menial job and raised families in decent BLACK COMMUNITIES until the proliferation of a drug which has destroyed the family structure because BLACK MEN get TWO TO THREE TIMES the length of a jail sentence for THE SAME DRUG which WHITES propagate is more worst than the heinous Power Cocaine, Crystal Meth, HGB and any other weird concoctions created by Whites! Now this Black Man cannot get a job, but I do not hear White males release from prison screaming about jobs. Matter of fact, I bet many of them are working on the construction sites in the very communities many of you are trying to shit on! NOW GIVE BLACK MEN THOSE JOBS, and see if the jail population will decrease, criminal behavior lowered! Now explain to me why that is so and not happening, THEN YOU WILL HAVE YOUR ANSWER AS TO WHY BLACK FOLKS ARE MOVING TO YOUR (the claim many make) Racist COMMUNITIES!! We do not want trouble in ours either so a little exporting to another will ease the police tension every so often.
Over time white anxiety of fearfulness of others will decease, what the hell make you think we are not fearful of white people?

Mariotti? Is that you yelling in all caps? I knew sooner or later your ignorant ass would weigh in ... Y'all need to put down the Fox News and stop listening to O'Reilly...


As I said before.... ANOTHER DETROIT. People like Douglas point out, in a sick kind of way... Only this joke of a newspaper run by assclowns would let this forum degenerate to racist name-calling.

I moved in Scottsdale in 1997 3rd African-American on my block wasn't many of us then and let me tell you I didn't get no welcome wagaon, no matter how polite you were to your neighbor most wouldn't even speak. I would think if you could afford to pay what they are asking for those little cracker jack houses that you wouldn't come to tear up the neiborhood, I work and take pride in my home and I treat people the way I want to be treated no matter what color that's how I was raised.

Mr Tonto, your post below makes no sense.


Posted by: TONTO | August 1, 2007 01:49 AM

Are you Native American, Jewish (white) ASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) or just an angry white male? Yes, Native Americans try to call out but their numbers are so low America relegates them to reservations. America stifles their voice because the numbers are too low to hear at times. Do Jews cry out? Everyday! Ask a person of German descent who is 80 years old and over, a former soldier in the Nazi Army and who has been deported. A Jewish person still wants their hind-parts for those deeds. Hell, Jewish people cry out in America daily. Ever heard of the Anti-Defamation League? Oh yes, you do know the Jews are still trying to re-capture everything stolen from them during World War II?

Next time try and read first then ruminate and eventually post. Maybe it will enhance anything you might say later.

I had read the story and blog entry at least five days ago before formulating an opinion. This means I read the very first blog entry and the posts from July 19, 2007 & the story from the columnist as well. I pointed out their racist’s thoughts and ideology on an incident that happened in THEIR COMMUNITY. Remember this is THEIR community and they do not like the fact they are backed up to the end of the city line.

Do not think I am callous of the situation therefore now you seek sympathy. But PLEASE THINK if throwing racially pre-conceived invectives at Black people is okay, IT IS NOT, and I will respond at times. Black people have communities where some are in better shaped than others. One poster projected Scottsdale as the next "little Englewood" Why not questioned them on this obvious racial slight? That was too easy to overpass and come at me, huh? When apoplectic that happens.

The gentleman below asked a poignant question, but many did not answer it candidly.

If it now has a "healthy" racial mix, why are they fighting?
Posted by: Mike C | July 27, 2007 10:09 AM

We know why, but hide behind racial slurs and slights and state that is not what one is doing! Next time Mr. whatever your real name, do not be so quick to take my words and let them hurt you. But if they did, you only felt what Black people try to explain to the larger society daily. NO, we do not want HANDOUTS, but we do not WANT TO BE STEROTYPED either! YES, we want EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITIES. And NOT ONE chance, but just as many as whites have taken for GRANTED for centuries! You know the bestowed one whites gripe about; Affirmative Action which others (especially white women) benefit from as well. There would not be a need for something such as this if the RACIST practices of America would simply cease and desist immediately. If Black people are compel to disperse each and every time they achieve a college degree, minor status in pay, and run off to a white community which has no more than white city workers with High School diplomas, I have a problem with it. Why brain-drain the Black community to uplift the white community, and then turn around and throw darts at those who are STILL TRYING THEIR BEST with life’s struggles? Simply move away, do not point fingers back at us, and do not stereotype us to be more suitable for the tastes of White People.

Now go back to the very first eleven posts in this blog entry. Re-read them, do it objectively if you can. Also, re-read Mr. Konkol’s blog entry and posts from July 17-2007; then what are you coming away with?

THIS blog is addressed to MR. MILITANT who referred to me as a CLASSIC NEGRO who ACCEPTS RACISM WITH A CHERRY ON TOP. Repeating something is not the same as accepting it. Tell me, with your MILITANT BLACK ASS (You ain't the only one who can stoop to name-calling) exactly what would you have done in that situation?

They didn't let us buy anything. We chose to buy this house because we liked it. We didn't give a damn who our neighbors were. The people on our block are mostly minorities. If we sold our house today, we would walk away with nothing under a 100K. Sounds like a damn good business deal to me!!!!HA HA HELL LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF.

They didn't let me graduate from anywhere. (Are you against education?) I EARNED a bachelor's degree from a historical black college and university. I earned a master's degree from an integrated university. wouldn't trade either, brotha!

Define "white-washed." I study facts and fiction and draw my own conclusion. If you hate white folks then you are just as bad as white folks who hate black folks.

Class not race- My point is people need to start looking at character and conduct more and not race. Your BLACK ASS is an asshole.

Who said something about running? When our my children are off to college, we are going to move to a sharp ass condo or townhouse downtown or on the Drive and we won't give a damn who our neighbors are as long as it is not you.

D. Robinson, you're the man! Great post.

by: D. Robinson | August 2, 2007 11:22 PM

I could be petty and sling insults back at Ms D. Robinson, but what would it solve? That does not mean you are petty, only it would make this topic become trivial. It would only froth more anger. I re-read my words I do not take them back. Could they have been gentler? Maybe, but when a person states it’s classism versus racism as though on par with people who would oppress Black people, and NOW look down upon the less fortunate from a fantasy status perch, I will swing for the fences to knock you off of it. It was only a reality check.

Your thoughts of Classism are picayunish by stating your graduation from an HBC and the Masters from the white institution, yet you decided, IMHP, to come off your allegedly lofty perch to sling mud. If thinking your class status is high, your retort fell far short of its goal. And you know my thought was NOT against education.

The daily struggle against racial attacks and slights are clearly visible in our everyday lives. Class affects a person not only economically, but emotionally as well.
In trying to segregate yourself with the larger populous you still are relegated to a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN by your OWN WORDS in your own community in your first post. Your second post simply displays your confusion of wealth when stating a price for a house at $250K initially, and now willing to settle for $100K and move yet again to a high price area. That is not a bargain! This gives credence to what I was stating. If you want to go, so be it, but don’t point a finger because you can accrue GREAT DEBT!

We belong to ONE race, the human race, but there are white ethnic groups who want conquer all of Nature’s resources, use them extensively, while relegating others to the leftovers.. Do not act like you don’t know because you would not have made a particular statement. There are Black people who placate the ethnocentric ideologies and philosophies which you claimed in your earlier statement “Oprah and Michael are not the only decent minorities!” stating it disdainfully, at Blacks expense, to appease the majority population. Do you realize your words are merely saying “See white people, all of us are not bad!” Why? What is the reason? What do you need to prove? If Black people would spend more time being that kind and respectful to one another, maybe the incident in Scottsdale would not have happen.

If you feel I am militant that is okay. If you think I dislike white people its okay. Though you are wrong on both points, I will take the shot!

But I will not subjugate my thoughts to have decent mental health to make white people feel comfortable all the time. I want you to think HOW YOU FIND various coping mechanisms in your daily interactions with whites versus blacks. Are you Ms. D. Robinson (your first post) or the D.Robinson (your second post) and transform into something that is appeasing to whites? Do you? I do not need an answer. Yes we all use coping mechanisms but do you loose yourself in euroism?

Thank you Mark for allowing people to express their self.

listen douglas, you sir are turning this tragedy into your venting post. that man mark asked me "did our community mind if say people, people from say over there ,meaning over east came in to our community?" i told him "if you had pink stripes and purple polka dots allover we would accept you, we are a very kind and A accepting community!"...NOW SIR ,DID MARK KONKOL POST THAT OF COURSE HE DIDN'T..YOU DOUGLAS START WITH ALL THIS OTHER CRAP THAT ENDS UP BEING SOME RANTING RACIAL THING YOU JUST HAVE TO GET OUT...YOU SIR, HAVE ISSUES...IVE LIVED HERE FOR 30 yrs. ive seen alot of shit, but that nite ill never forget.... please dont tell that nice young lady[D. ROBINSON] she's kissing anyones ass.SHES SOUNDS LIKE SHE TOLD YOU A THING OR TWO;JUST leave her alone ; SHE MADE YOU LOOK LIKE AN ASS, AND YOU SOUND LIKE AN ASS.....

To everyone who is reading and writing to this blog ---- Everyone wants to make this about race. Does everybody realize that the kids involved in the beating of Richie are not even from this neighborhood??? The 15 year old driving the car that plowed down the "innocent" people in the street, was not from this neighborhood!!! What were they doing here??? The boy driving the car, doesn't matter what his race is, he is a 15 year old with NO drivers license and NO right to get behind the wheel of a car!!! Quit trying to make this a race issue, its a matter of
right and wrong and this boy was WRONG!!! It is as simple as that!!! White or black, no 15 year old belongs behind the wheel of a car..............

I agree that many blacks have been up-rooted with the new construction of up-scale, classy brand new neighborhood. The cleaning up of ramshackle all-black areas that are now becoming majority white...like over East of the Ryan. Million dollar condo's and home are now surfacing big time along east and South of the Loop! What were once all-black areas, dangerous crime-infested neighborhoods from E. 15th all the way near Michael Reese Hospital at 35th & Ellis are becoming predominately rich White areas! The spread of White's moving into Hyde Park is also on the increase over the last couple of years.
Some former black areas on the North and West side are shifing to the White majority as well.
The areas are now flourishing with commerce, and good old fashioned family life again...with most children being raised with BOTH parents in the house!


Konkol responds: Tonto, You didn't want your name or picture in the paper. You yelled at our photographer when he took your picture. You told me not to quote you at all as you edged your lawn. I didn't quote you as a courtesy. It must be easier to say such things about me personally when your identity is concealed. Very brave.

It's all about property value and ownership. The neighborhoods are intentionally degraded to lower the property value. Then the vultures sweep in and buy up the homes. Police presence returns and property values soar! *cha-ching!*

Scottsdale is a ghetto and even far worse is Ashburn and Tommy Moore. Pizza delivery men getting held up left and right. A block down from where I used to live 2 people were killed. Old people getting robbed for no reason. People having there homes and garages broken into. My father who up until 10 years ago lived through this and I do not blame him for saying enough is enough.

Intergration works my foot! Look at Marquette Park and Gage Park!
Now those are ghettos. When White people lived there they were beautiful. Yes there were idiots living there but they kept there property up and were proud of there community. I'm not saying any color of people can do that but facts is facts.

Ashburn was made to seem like it was on its way to improvment in '92, with the building of a new subdivision behind what was Omni (87th, Kedzie intersection) The whites who fled when a handful of blacks moved in destroyed that chance. Ashburn was a community set on integration and diversity-- remember the whole "I'm Sold on Ashburn" campaign?? Many will say it's inevident the neighborhood went downhill, but I say the people behind establishing all of these low-budget businesses like nail salons and dollar stores encouraged the wrong crowd to move in. I believe the communities of Ashburn and Scottsdale are still great areas to live in, but will never be the places the city planned them to be around '92.. not because of the new race that lives there, but because of the way former residents handled the change. I'm also convinced that the construction of the Omni shopping mall (the original lay-out, although today's half-vacant set-up is atrocious too) sent the message to many that Ashburn was not the same community any more.

I bought the house I grew up in. My parents were original owner in old Scottsdale. As far as the incident at Durkin Park, I am the mother of the child that was beaten. It goes back to some black kids coming into the park and trying to rob one the the kids at the park. When the other boys saw what was going on they ran to stick up for him because he was one the smaller guys. If anyone had the advantage it was the black kids because there were like 20 of them and 15 white kids. Just because Richie is one of the biggest kids of his group of friends. He does stand out. That is the only reason they were able to find him. There was a more police presence after this happened and for that I am grateful. What I do not understand is why when they had all these black boys at the police station why they could not charge them. From what I was told is the BOB MILAN THE #2 STATES ATTORNEY would only charge the blacks if he could charge the white boys with a hate crime. Why wouldn't then Richies incidend be a hate crime??????? I don't blame the police after all it was the dispatchers fault. The 2 that were suspended they had a benefit for so they didn't loose any pay. There was no justice in this just the STATES ATTORNEY wanting to be elected for the #1 Job.
I still feel safe on my block and if I'm out walking my dog. I will go up to the park with her just so we don't loose the park.
We have out neighborhood picnics there. My kids all played ball up there. Anyone is welcome at the park as long as you keep it nice and don't try to look for trouble. Stay home otherwise.

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