Ed Heywood, Beverly landlord

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Ed Heywood has rented apartments to more folks in Beverly than he can remember.

"Heck, I've owned so many buildings in the neighborhood, I've forgotten some of them, too," the 85-year-old landlord says.

But if you ever signed a lease with Old Man Heywood, you know he's a hard guy to forget -- especially if he's ever come banging on your door at 8 o'clock on a Saturday morning. (Read more here)

If you're one of the many folks who've had run-ins with this colorful landlord, post your stories here.

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The dancing hot dogs can be found at Superdawg at Devon and Milwaukee avenues on the edge of Chicago, before you head into Niles. I believe that's still Norwood Park. I grew up in the neighborhood and have to say there is no place like Superdawg! Not only are the hot dogs and "Whoopercheesies" incredible but the fries (fresh cut) are the best anywhere. The Berman family, who own the place, are so nice. Maury and Florence started out in ~1943 and have built a Chicago legend. I think their kids run it now. Back in the '80s they once said they owned land up in Wheeling next to Le Francais and were talking about opening another Superdawg up there. That's near where I live and I'm still hoping.

Jefferson Park is where the hot dogs are.

Sidenote to another topic culled from this story:

Heywood grew up poor in Englewood and served in the Air Force during WWII.

Does this still sound like Englewood which the media gives a bad name to? He was poor now the other ethnic group is poor. I wonder how many young men and women have fought in other wars after the neighborhood change complexion, and have a similar story?

He met his late first wife, Margaret Mary Harlon, at a party in mother's basement at 113th and Kedzie.

I wonder how many men from present day Englewood met their wives at other locations? Now they have either moved on or simply statyed because they do not fear Black people, as the media constantly demonizes a particular demographic in contrast to another?

It is a nice story Mark and hope the guy do live to be a 100, I would like to myself!

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